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Asphyxiation 1-900 (Waxwork Records 2015)

   Little and lesser people of the New York City street pedestrians knew about that’s there are monsters roaming down their tunnels and sewers under their feet waiting for the passer-by victims to be snatched just like a gorgeous woman and her dog during the opener movie on C.H.U.D on an acronym for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers mention for the curiosities of audience on this American Horror Sci-fi horrible 80’s movie taken the basic story about toxic waste disposal which permanently creating a new breeding race of flesh-eater ghouls from the city-sanitary sewer’s manhole. As the main characters like a police captain Bosch, photographer named Cooper living with his girlfriend – Lauren; a model or local homeless shelter cook – “Reverend” Shepherd with the setting off the quiet streets of NYC to the underground channel of the endless tunnel-systems hiding thus ferocious man-eater monsters that kill people for their food-stock. The C.H.U.D actually, come across as the real acronym and the secrets revealed showing that The Nuclear Regulatory Commission directly involved for too long in the slaughters down there and surface’s attacks as well as dumping more and more chemical waste on some points inside the tunneling system of Big Apple. As the danger is resurface and the risks of being caught or eaten are high; some must stopping this madness and bring the guilty sides to court even when it’s not that easy. Martin Cooper and David A. Hughes must also being the duo whom giving the audiences a very damn chills and scary moments for them collaborating on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack scoring; haunts the most of us with two Tunnel sections tracking within Cardboard Box Eruption!, Removing the Bandage, This Ain’t o Disco and Trap Door while the next chapter showing us the intense scene as the conclusions blurring but needs to be solved right away through Blood Shower!, Sewer Chewer, D.E.C.A.P.I.T.A.T.E or Street Meat that might leaving some of you and the kids to be traumatic sewer-phobic later after the movie ends. 

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