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Ancestral Ostras (Bandcamp 2016)

A South American Sludge recording with the influences from heavy 70’s Doom Rock with cannabis effects and Jimi Hendrix or Pink Floyd Progressive-Rock to Retro Stoner and Psychedelic non-filtered acid-effects and marijuana of La Plata, Argentina – as the trio members off this group Picaporters: Juan Pablo Vazques (drums), Lucas Barrue (guitars) and Juan Pablo Herrera Morales (bass, vocals) as they’re being helped by other additional musicians such as vocalist/sli guitar player Sergio CH to Nico Romero on vocals as well as waterphoning by Tio, Pato Claypole and Gonza Suarez. 
The ultimate album mixing of Stoner/Sludge/Psychedelic Rock or Metal concluded as the releasing for this effort on El Horror Oculto that sounding scary already by the title, really could banging your heads when one decided to cranking it up in loud decibel. Don’t be too disappointed because actually, even though the most lyrics of the songs written in Spanish but still you can smell and sense the danger within thus melodic chorus and riffs handling very well in distorted power speeding ahead as the sounds of Picaporters would shredding for calls all the head-bangers and rockers to come and feeling the fluctuation off the smelter music and creepy affections led by the darker artworks describing the river Styx and Death paddling the boat o the underworld as the Sun King dimmed thy lights; giving signs for the inhabitant humans that our time is up or the worst is just begun through Los Espejos, Etue 6 or El Roble Viejo, Ra, etc …

El Horror Oculto: