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Air Raid Pandemonium (Pure Steel Records 2014)


   Speeding Power Metal sending like whiplash on your back by shockers high-pitched tones of vocals and melodious rhythms and lead guitars from Cleveland, Ohio band Sunless Sky consisting of double guitar-shredders Harry Hillock and Dave Kirk to the bass player John “Jocko” Jermann, Rob Brandt the skin-basher and vocalist Juan Ricardo for proudly releasing their first recording album – Firebreather; bursting the quite remarkable similarity to Belladonna or newer version of Nuclear Assault with the thick influences from Thrash Metal groups such as Sodom or Gamma Ray bridging the different sub-genre audience or representing back the Cross-Over scene metallic music for general purposes as crashing onto you using their repertoir towards the opening track Subzero followed by Deathmachine or Immortality and The Whaler to Fear or Grind You Down.

Surely, some of you will getting a bit wreck by the slamming effects like being slapped by a fist or something !