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Abandoned Convergence (Good Fight Music 2016)


   Do you believe in the theory by the well-known theorists that our Blue Planet actually called Hollow Earth; (and) just like like a Metalcore band from Detroit, Michigan with the same name occurring to spreading to you and other Metalcore fans through Dead Planet – their second album which mysteriously true as the screamo vocals and heavy riffage with grooves showing the satellite painting about various type of several planetoids shape wrapped by the limitless universe exploding the massive gravity force aligns with the wrath from the band’s personal ideas made into thus self-written tracks of chaos and questionable secrets along our existence and the planet’s real conditions towards the Sci-fi themes on Astral Dominion, The Harbinger of Existence, Revolutions in Refracted Light, From Empyrean to Damnation or Void II: Terran Descent – trying to answer mostly all those questions exist among us the mankind whose needed to be answered right now.

Are we really a Divine’s disaster creations or just a failed experiments of another advance race creating us using high-technology process. 

Dead Planet: