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A Kind Of Sign (Not On Label 2013)

The quartet comes from their beloved French corner of Toulouse brought their tough-whitey blending of both Blues and Hip-Hop on their own that might surprisingly impresses you and the more than hundred listeners that turning their heads a little bit shocking about how the hell these Frenchies-men can be sounded like this. Through this Devil and Crossroads; the experimental between Hip-Hop, Indie Blues and Southern soulful music really blended pretty well as the group performance by Slim paul, Antibiotik Daw, Jamo and Le Pap’s doing the best harmony vocals, the traditional instrumental music performance with cowbells or banjos and such to the good theme choice with dobro or turn-table scratches making the groovy tracks like My Lowd, Morning Rooster, Dans Mes Poches, Boy, Neant or Ain’t Got No Choice (But Buying You) would totally, blown up not only your mind but others in the Black Music society and the rappers, Hip-Hoppers and singers even activists; knowing that after the invasion of white people on Rap Music during the mid of eighties – now the same thing happening again in Southern Europe parts where more Frenchies turning their heads for embracing the riches cultured Urban lifestyle of Hip-Hop and Southern beats in general. 

Either they’d appreciate it with pride or just standing there – questioning. 

Devil & Crossroads: