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Mountain Alive (Bandcamp 2016)

   Composing their likes for the Classic eighties to nineties Heavy Metal riff-age roars and maximized them within the more modern Southern Sludgy metallic personality touch as these Chuggernaut efforts exported straight from Boston, MA in form of an extended play mini-core album of First Batch just like the hundred years beer inside thus wooden barrels kept to be open for a very fucking occasion event and that time is arrived right now ! The climax explosive groovy burst of loudest music of Heavier Metal by the quartet of Jeff Gard (vocals), Dave Cohen (guitars), Eric Alper (bass guitar) and Blaize Collard (drums) might sounded like the moving extra and ex-members of Soundgarden somewhere to the North Carolina and teaming-up with the rest left-over of Corrosion of Conformity gang recording these only few but worth a head-banging listen – while the beer drinking contests continues; whether you choose Mutherfucker or Breaking Glass as your background anthem entrance as the local drunken people, rednecks and non-bra user girls getting nuts circling the arena of death games. 

First Batch:

Prosiak Prosikanin (Not On Label 2013)

   Sexual deviations, dark humor, faeces, porn, pigs to experimental topic will be your themed choices on this recording that you might not quite understandable on the first try or if you’re not speaking Polish. Sickening and deranged as usual with the more you listening to them the more scary and explicit this Extreme Grindcore band from Strzelce Opolskie, Poland by only being controlled in both composing and written materials that sounding like they’re raping most of the girls from young ones to older hags like Tipper or Hillary for breakfast and even giving the gang-bang of anal Metal Music for boys also – who fucking cares cause Grindcore which made by these maniac duet of vocalist Pig Fucker or Bukkake John on guitars and drum programming; shall releasing the real beast inside of them and yourself as the scene would turning to obscene and more censored images that will be banned for good or leaking on the net mysteriously, might also related to this type of grinding pornographic through disturbing music to hear as the album of Porky Vagina can easily put one in a very laughable mode-on before realizing that the laughs turned to endless cry seeing your girlfriends or moms or someone you knew showing up on television and did the orgy sex party wilder with strangers whose fucking them regretlessly on Chlew Machina album before later – kills them or chopped them in pieces in the end. The insanity animal screams or the Polka-Metal deep penetrations to the shit-feasting slumber club gathering would be “normal” because we already know about how sick our world has become nowadays. 
Dzien w Ktorym Zatrzmal Sie Kombajn, Niegodziwe Grzebani za Bigozem to Swinia Krew Wojonika and Farma Kulawego Prosiaka as being strangely odd and extremely unacceptable by the stupid audience who idiotically let yourself endorsing these terrible recording that giving no respects for women, children or animals. 

Turn your Grind-fucking-Core and Cock N’ Roll loud fuck-face !!! 

Chlew Machina:

Psili Starvo Mu Sui (Self-Released 2015)


   Sit and watch through your window while En etat de Marche opening the releasing album from the Trento (Italy) trio Pugaciov Sulla Luna that playing their mid-tempo simple mixing of either Punk, Psychedelic, Alternative Rock to Brit-Pop active practices music that having sweet melodies and regular easily listening but not too damn commercial for the sell-out right now; easing the solitary walks for courageous and survivals under the psychological struggle events and the chosen few barking noise which sounding like a great reminder for Sonic Youth doing their Pop experiments minus Kim Gordon on the formation.
   There are Aldi Cekrezi, Daniele Zanoni and Riccardo Pro glimmering their ideas unites into composing songs and you might needing to check them out through the album of Freestanding; consisting of ten relevant tracks that you can choose to listening all or some selected like Look ! The World !, Certain Tricks or parallel with Testa di Cristallo or John Coltrane Twisting Blues. 
   Looking down to your past memories through the window again before the song ends as the phone’s ringing and it’s your long lost girlfriend calls you from abroad – telling you she’s going to visit you next week and missing you so much. 

No need to wait for sorry or forgiving just give her the warmest kiss through the line connection and don’t hang up the phone ! 

Pugaciov Sulla Luna:

Invisible Legion (Bandcamp 2014)


   Don’t let yourself getting tricked just because the opening solo intro from the screaming out six strings that reminds us about how stupid Bill and Ted Bogus Experience playing their performance on stage cause the next steps for the Flanger take-over or the distorted Progressive Rock format of Cris Luna as the older ranging but serious band from Metz (France) really would later on amazed your hearing senses for the exact pleasure of variant techniques and medium solo jams within these strange presentations on Maelstrohm. Featuring Cris Luna on guitars, Nicolas Fageot the bass guitar player and Ben Cazzulini behind the drum-skit sets within their wider influences of music through decades from Pink Floyd, Marillion, The Mission to Steve Wilson or Peter Gabriel and Can as more listed but the most strong effects recaptures on the band’s performance must be how the similarity of sounds or voice to Simply Minds might not straightly accusing them for being copycat cause the personal Prog-Rock symbolized here on tracks like Red Boy to Lost (in Adoland) to Shades of Black and The Big Tree would not recognizable to be too close for counterfeiting any of more songs proceeding them before.
   This graceful and mysterious and hypnotizing miasma type of grouching the inner tranquility mirrored consciousness themed with nothing but normal expectations will be the ultimate points for the lesser-known to be known even further by some others; getting ready to leave the land by spreading and flap its wings to highly flocks up in air – adventuring the skies.


Jelly Peanut Butter (Atlantic 2015)


   Imagine what would have become if these Swedish Electronic musicians decided to collaborates together like on this case between Christian Karlsson (Miike Snow) and Linus Eklow of Style of Eye spawning better or worst results …
The answers would be seeing through what they’ve become within this new project of music where the world finally, seeing the resurrections of a strange name – Galantis bringing (not) strange of awesome music as they’re slowly getting famous as well – climbing the Pop music charts or Dance-Electro top ten tracks on Billboards. Galantis releasing their first debut studio recording on Pharmacy which to be honest – really comes as expected by most of Dance-heads and Clubbers around the world to sounding like. 
   Fresh and commencing power to make everybody moves  as the mixing samples, synthesizers and remixing with creative views and ideas sparks nicely onto the track-listing for their thirteen songs on Pharmacy. 
Dancin’ to The Sound of a Broken Heart, Kill ‘Em All with Love, Forever Tonight as well as Call if You Need Me and Firebird could be your next Dance Anthems this weekend because they should. 

Galantis will coloring your glow-run nights with no too much rules - so, party on girls !!!


Split Screen Wheel (Aware Records/Columbia 2003)

   The second effort reality effects really works for the Bridgeport, Connecticut born musician - John Clayton Mayer’s album – Heavier Things where more Pop-tunes with the stillness of solid rootsy musical of Blues/Jazz and Soulful Rn’B penetrates on every single sided and formatting the entire whole record something that can be reliable onto not just a great tracks but also land-marking status through this record but so sorry, cause John Mayer might being too “independent and idealistic” for releasing this one rather than everyone would remember for the furor first record that spawning much hits and sounded popper than Heavier Things. One might reconsidering  that this record only recommended for the fanatic fans and not for public consumptions but once again with the talents and courage as solo musician’s single voice as being accompanied by his soulful guitar play; John Mayer keep on producing several mid-tempo potential songs here like Bigger than My Body, Clarity, Something’s Missing or Come Back to Bed and New Deep revealing another wisdom messages and romance mixing with the air as lovers and wiser elders holding hands or get connected in between themselves before reacting and re-connects the world through good Pop music and crunchy vocals.

Heavier Things:

Show You Keep It (Joytime Collective 2016)


   The hit single didn’t actually would making someone infamous or untouchable but Marshmello might in reality kept his identity hidden blurred because thankfully, he’s using mask of white Marshmello as one of the rising disc jockey, music composer, beat-maker, mass-crowd guardian and many more would be labeled onto the real guy behind the mask – Chris Comstock.
Via his releasing debut record which specialized itself for blending Dubstep or Trap Music, Electro Dance to Indie House-Techno which erupting most of the extra-ordinary to standard tempo and dance beats collaborates within the colorful Joyful. Marshmello truly step by step gaining his own popularity by following the footsteps of either Skrillex, Deadmau5 to other names uniquely, coloring the Dance Music Scene with more and more explosions and massive hits as even the one hit wonder didn’t exists anymore but just being productive and Marshmello looking like a good candidate for being everyone's new favorite. 
   Marshmello can easily turning on your mood with his incredible mixing and performance which sounded like they’ll never fail. Joyful must be you ultimate soundtrack for going outdoors on holiday – exploring more remote place and making the love ones smiling happy as present or gifts while the tracks of courage, daily living topics to some specific subjects written and composed into great songs blasting your PA’s and clubbing floor via Take It Back, Blocks, Bounce, Want U 2, Summer to Find Me. 
As questioned of uncertainty or gladness glance behind the silhouettes of lovers or parents and kids or two old couple staring at the same sunny day, windy afternoon and celebrating beautiful and tragic in life with Marshmello’s Joyful beats …


BashBelly! (Bandcamp 2016)


   Gather around and see what life has bring to you today; where sometimes we might get a surprises but lesser than that probably, a shocking thing that can even jump-scared you in seconds. Rikk Agnew stepping away from his famous past background with Social Distortions or Christian Death representative as this solo effort from him with the help of the rest his friends and loyal musicians closer to him like vocalist Gitane Damone, Sam Hare (guitars, vocals), Justin Parnell (noisy timekeeper) or Gregory A. Watson bass, vocals) releasing this lesser-known recording for completing the newer catalogue from Rikk himself as Learn the album – showing us the scary images about a kin having a face like melting flesh caused by either hazardous materials or new drugs as some might getting furor for seeing a zombie-like humanoid conditions.
   Thrown up or not yet – you need to listening the track-listed of Hardcore-Punk and Pop and fast beats like rocker’s runner through BLVD, Life Stinx, Kitten Robot Blues and Catfight which are really Punkish, punchy and rebellious (and) then, you can passed out for staring to the disgusting picture on the front cover by yourself.


Afraid Fine (Bandcamp 2014)

“Everybody got their own price, everybody thinks they’re nice …” sang carefully brilliant and wiser through Sharon Nutzati’s recording on her small album – Beautiful Things that might suits when you relate its existence to the old television series Little House on a Prairie. 

Clear voice like an angel of Folk-Pop as she’s sounded independent even when she needs to swearing through her lyrics as they’re coming straight from the thoughts of conscious; you would still liking her soft music performance only by an acoustic guitar warming her vocals more beautiful than the regular chirping of birds on wires or tree branches but having the same depth belonging for build-up confidence and cheering the audiences that listened to her quietly. 

A small lonely white house on the plain grass-field symbolized the essential physical sense from this Toronto singer to shine herself through thus talented song-writing of Never Ending War, Hello, People and also Music Box. 

A wonderful debut from Sharon Nutzati … 

Beautiful Things:

Abandoned Convergence (Good Fight Music 2016)


   Do you believe in the theory by the well-known theorists that our Blue Planet actually called Hollow Earth; (and) just like like a Metalcore band from Detroit, Michigan with the same name occurring to spreading to you and other Metalcore fans through Dead Planet – their second album which mysteriously true as the screamo vocals and heavy riffage with grooves showing the satellite painting about various type of several planetoids shape wrapped by the limitless universe exploding the massive gravity force aligns with the wrath from the band’s personal ideas made into thus self-written tracks of chaos and questionable secrets along our existence and the planet’s real conditions towards the Sci-fi themes on Astral Dominion, The Harbinger of Existence, Revolutions in Refracted Light, From Empyrean to Damnation or Void II: Terran Descent – trying to answer mostly all those questions exist among us the mankind whose needed to be answered right now.

Are we really a Divine’s disaster creations or just a failed experiments of another advance race creating us using high-technology process. 

Dead Planet:

Hikari Star (Self-Released 2015)


From Rob Curulli with various primer and experimental Electro-Prog-Pop run its shows on producing, performs and distributes the musical products himself under this staging identity of Pselodux.

Nanodisco is the newest one exporting numbers of synths-beats composition which also concluded thus Idm, Chiptunes, Glitch-Techno minimalist with Nanoloops and Space Ambience made out of Melbourne. 

Nanodisco presenting its worldly noises comparison which blending sounds to becoming melodic harmony among the computerized works of musical arts as you might going to hear them via Okimata, Goth City, Versalife, Replicator and Quark Rapid. 

Written/recorded between Osaka and Melbourne. 


Asphyxiation 1-900 (Waxwork Records 2015)

   Little and lesser people of the New York City street pedestrians knew about that’s there are monsters roaming down their tunnels and sewers under their feet waiting for the passer-by victims to be snatched just like a gorgeous woman and her dog during the opener movie on C.H.U.D on an acronym for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers mention for the curiosities of audience on this American Horror Sci-fi horrible 80’s movie taken the basic story about toxic waste disposal which permanently creating a new breeding race of flesh-eater ghouls from the city-sanitary sewer’s manhole. As the main characters like a police captain Bosch, photographer named Cooper living with his girlfriend – Lauren; a model or local homeless shelter cook – “Reverend” Shepherd with the setting off the quiet streets of NYC to the underground channel of the endless tunnel-systems hiding thus ferocious man-eater monsters that kill people for their food-stock. The C.H.U.D actually, come across as the real acronym and the secrets revealed showing that The Nuclear Regulatory Commission directly involved for too long in the slaughters down there and surface’s attacks as well as dumping more and more chemical waste on some points inside the tunneling system of Big Apple. As the danger is resurface and the risks of being caught or eaten are high; some must stopping this madness and bring the guilty sides to court even when it’s not that easy. Martin Cooper and David A. Hughes must also being the duo whom giving the audiences a very damn chills and scary moments for them collaborating on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack scoring; haunts the most of us with two Tunnel sections tracking within Cardboard Box Eruption!, Removing the Bandage, This Ain’t o Disco and Trap Door while the next chapter showing us the intense scene as the conclusions blurring but needs to be solved right away through Blood Shower!, Sewer Chewer, D.E.C.A.P.I.T.A.T.E or Street Meat that might leaving some of you and the kids to be traumatic sewer-phobic later after the movie ends. 

C.H.U.D link:

Jungle Lady Body (Polydor/Interscope 2016)


   Feels like what you ever dreaming of or not where there’s a collaboration creates between the sexy movement of her everything from Beyonce to the genius ideas and competitive lyrics and composition products made by young producer from New York City and it’s all turned to reality for us having these duo of Lion Babe consisting of the hot cougar singer Jillian Harvey with Lucas Goodman for combining their tight elements of thus musical likes and favorites through the mixing of Hip-Hop, RN’B, Soul, Jazz-Funk to Rock and Electronic as their resulted release for debut album happening to hit the online store with Begin. The album that sounded promising and much adorable in shorter time as quickly would grab your attentions as you loving to listen on Pop Modern and Dance RN’B by general to the more classic Funk and Hip-Hop works as deliberating music for doing any kinds of activities including sex and fun hang-out chatters moment. The black and white images to the compositions over the sensual female vocals of proud ghetto girl superstar as the producer with more oriental face handling the sophomore music sounds – triggering the audience with Jump Hi or Wonder Woman as well as Stressed Out and Satisfy My Love because for them nothing seems to be Impossible anymore – after this …


Green Toyota Thief (Sounds Of Subterrania 2007)

   Not quite hard rocking like you had The Donnas performed their amazing blitz Pop-Rock glamour types of music but the feelings that might getting caught by listening to these Germany Punk Rock and Rockabilly garage independent music made by the all-young female rockers naming themselves as The Boonaraaas which consisting of the quartet – Christina Nackel, Christine Marz, Laura Graap to Patricia Eichert or Veronika Casper among other names of ex-members and additional players bypassing the short long story for the band’s real history since they’ve started to now. Thirteen tracks on their list-songs music over the third releasing album called 5 Steps Ahead really sounded fresh while the harmony vocals and thus energy of Rock N’ Roll splashing everywhere towards the simple three chords guitar riffs or the fast and aggressive sensual performance from the girls right to your face and forcing you and the rest to dance like crazy bastards on a garage party drunk with more laughs and with style for being thrown back far away to the sixties themed rocking night with good friends and less fights. Choose your own soundtrack for that through Out of Sight, Go for it Mary, One One Zero to Vai Vai Topolino and the rest of 45th Floor would Stole My Style but It Won’t Last Too Long unless you endorsed these fine young lady rockers for your collections ! 

5 Step Ahead:   

Shiver Gonna Die ! (Sounds Of Subterrania 2015)


   Online meeting and media social rapid communications really can creates a whole new collaborations from one musician to another via internet or perhaps, using the old ways correspondent as issued on the next story about how these two rockers met and starting their duo or group project playing Surf-Rock, Indie-Pop and Punk Rock Garage sounds using name as The Courettes and via Here Are The Courettes; our couple of this Brazilian/Danish power Indie-Garage music blasting louder enough to destroying your neighbor’s private party and makes some faces sour through the energetic mission of spreading classic Rock N’ Roll noise and sensual screaming vocals to waking up half of the entire community when one decided to put this record on in mid-treble volume before midnight as you might thanking the duet: Flavia Couri on her Riotgrrrl's raw vocals to fuzzing guitars or Martin Couri on his hell-pit drumming that rocks for bursting Money Blind, Go! Go ! Go !, I Wanna Be Your Yoko Ono and The Boy I Love.
Not a nightmare or dreamy project album but essentially, some of these tracks sounding pretty awesome and good to listen while drinking cocktails or beers next to the beach life community as the evening comes but nobody wants to going home but stay and celebrates life – today !

Here Are The Courettes:

Bequeme Stellung (Sounds Of Subterrania 2016)

   Influenced heavily by The Fall or The Gun Club as their sounds really looks too cold but not too depressed – this musical group with its members coming from many places like Madrid, Boston, San Bernardino to London or Paris; your definitive next choice of Stuttgart Krautrock meets the Alternative low-distorted noise as they’re climbing the hidden stairs which rising the hints via this second releases off Human Abfall through Form & Zweck might giving new directions and kinds for attentions over the world towards Flavio Bacon, JFR Moon, Pavel Svart and Ringo Stelzl as the quartet on refreshing the old classic New Wave and Goth Punk format music ready to shown a bite for the next millennium audience and visitors lured onto their dimmed passage of cold noises meet East-Coast Hip-Hop and Modern Pop gloomy blinks on this one. Learn more of them on the track-listing such as Denken Lerner ?, Montags, Es ist Wie Es ist, Neu Leben, Realismus Verpflichtet as well as Zuruck zum Brutalismus. 

Drawing to you the biggest imaginative pictures where Devo’s music and Mobb Depp or Wu-Tang Clan and Nas meeting in one album !

Form & Zweck:    

Time Travel Odyssey (Bandcamp 2011)


   Independent acts of the variety mixes for Funky Hip-Hop experimentations with Alternative Electro-media through the Synth-Pop Soul influences might become this Houston, TX trio musicians: Spacebunny Jefferson, DJ Cosmos and King Midas wanting you to “press start” right away and let the record of We Come In Peace on to your stereo system.
   Radio Galaxy seems to arrived on Earth from a far away dimension; disguising as Afro-Americans and assimilated their heritage on the likes of music to choose Black sounds to spreading mind controls onto the globe starting from their hometown. 
   One will assault by insults for not knowing the real affections behind Radio Galaxy music but the term of We Come In Peace seems to be one of the most reasonable thoughts that accepted by most humans and letting the cool tracks like Out of Control, The Sacrifice, Smells Like to Space Invaders really would drowning you into eternal relaxations not aware about the next steps for invasion by Black music from outer space.

We Come in Peace: 

Sensory Leakage (Bandcamp 2016)

Sounding like Organic humanoid made sound of music or Electro and Ambient cross-over by this duo from Newcastle, Australia calling themselves Dot.Organ and mysteriously, filling our heads with various noises to creating an imaginable thoughts flying out to wonderland-slide music that mixes by the interruptions of unconsciousness on this Druid Droid album. 

You can calling this Digital Rock or Progressive EDM or Alternative Rock but surely – the tracks like Cosmic Trigger Warning, The Milton Model or Flesh Interface would sounded like they’re celebrating something “not from this earth” kind of noise as the melodies and samples blending machine for thus collaborative musical tones on the record might remarkably, truly, deeply made by non-human entity. 

Druid Droid:

Buchla Doorbell (Bandcamp 2016)

   The duo song-writers and musicians Jaqueline Caruso and Augustus Green remarkably build their sophomore non-commercial music through the project which they’re naming it The Galaxy Electric as the experimental Avant-Garde or Lo-Fi sounds turning down the beats to slower and softer but with thus less-weight of distortions kept within the mixes melody noises credited to how the group of various musicians came together and making this Psychedelic Pop analog songs with some details and interesting resonance for Everything is Light and Sound spawning your extrovert beams of feelings spreads through the songs of troubles recorded here – Temporal, Lux Lux, Murder in the Garden and Goes Around Comes Around. 

A Dreamland Luminousity inside the box fifty kilometers from the mainstream highway. 

Everything is Light and Sound:

Bark Ravens (Sounds Of Subterrania 2015)


   Angry screaming vocals of the female singer and the rest of her friends on this girl-trio would pushing hard their ability and angst through Noise-Punk spitting bangs as this Stockholm’s Alternative Garage group Snake prefers you to tuning in onto their bursts of flame sounds rewarded the album Cradle of Snake as a new generation anthem soundtrack for chaos times and destruction on Pop-Culture in general from within; as the thirteen songs coming in like time-bombs via Dark Mind, Howl, No Harm, Erase and Rhythm of The Night - just like L7's sorority back from the grave pit of Punk Rock.

No party just rage ! 

Cradle of Snake: