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Yakuza Futile (KTR Productions 2013)

   May your head blown away as you mistakenly, playing the music of this Rave/Techno/Industrial explosive killer tunes made by Sarin Assault; the Lille (France) music composer, disc jockey, insane-head artists and brutal murderous sample invader that combining his own formula not just for making the crowds hypnotized by following his kind of music but really really can make you killed literary true as one can experiencing the blasting manic of tectonic mega-magnitude Earth-shaker and explosions through the only recording release from the guy with his real name – Patrick Guilleman. According to the dictionary of Hardcore, Breakbeat to Gabber Techno-Rave destructive beats on Red Reign isn’t the serious art of listenable music that aimed by Sarin Assault in the making for pleasing people – these real threat alarming tunes with terrible bursting of volcanic like eruptions to destroying everything on sight captive right on the unleashed effects possible that would definitely crushing your heads again on the second try as soon as you playing them louder – these tracks like Chrome, The Man Who Grew Wings, Out of Darkness, Breath or U Gonna Get Urz might effectively, dangerous and forbidden to listen. 

This record is a real product of a criminal ! 

Red Reign: