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Vald Oppen Grav (Iron Fist Productions 2006)


Used to be called themselves before as System Collapse then changing it to Skitsystem as the CrustPunk tormentor crew formed in Gothenburg – the land of Heavy Metal in Sweden for cleansing the ears of many fanatic fans of this type of disturbing music of subculture for Hardcore and Thrash Metal mixed by the quartet of Alexander Hoglind, Adrian Erlandsson, Frederik Wallenberg and Tomas Lindberg bursting the real dangerous of fast, slashing and hammered pounding Crusty-Core music that you might need to closing your ears too when mistakenly plays on the stereo too damn loud as your family will definitely hating you in permanent for blasting this freaky album at home. Skinny girl bleeding on Stigmata within the perfect destructive insane tracks written in Swedes like Den Morka Floden I Vart Hjarta, Det Samvetslosa Hatets Plagor to Min Borg Av Hud and Apokalypsens Svarta Anglar shall be sounded like the torturing devastates messages for the wealthy people of the world that destruction will be coming to them sooner or later, in a very terrifying ways.

Skitsystem's Stigmata: