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Talk City Dove (Capitol Records 2015)


   A singer guitarist and actress; at the age fourteen already got her music video posting on Youtube then went to auditioned for American Idol (season 9) even as finally, she failed but already Victoria Loren “Tori” Kelly gaining more and more attentions for herself through these moments cause public and music lovers had seeing her talents as something precious and rare to be nurtured and shaping smoothly like diamonds and then, Tori Kelly finding herself being nominated for Grammy as Best New Artists.
The releasing of her debut solo album Unbreakable Smile might literary showing the world that this girl from Wildomar, CA really has a very beautiful smile, tougher and ready to take chances in front of her simply because she cares about her career, knowing where to go from that starting point and thankful for her gifts by using them appropriately. 
   Unbreakable Smile has plenty of good Pop-Tones crispy songs with Ms. Tori’s Rn’B musical sensibility as high as the achievements on having Max Martin producing thus album – citing some of her finest lovely tracks like Nobody Love, Expensive (featuring Daye Jack), Should’ve Been Us, First Heartbreak, I Was Made For Loving You (featuring Ed Sheeran) as well as Art of Letting You Go and California Lovers (featuring LL Cool J). 

One shall found out how boldly authentic and effortlessly talented she really really is !

Unbreakable Smile: