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Syndicate Amnesiacs Poem (Fila Sophiae 2016)


   Decomposed and had too much dosage of influences from Cult Horror Movies and dark humor for their lyrics ideas creatively gore and horrible and definitely not suitable for all ages – the Swedish Thrash/Black Metal and Crust-Core with dirty Pop sensibility has got their grips upon the attentions off them whose liking extreme music such as Heavy Metal, Black Thrashers and fast killer riffs of Crust Punk to the points of no return. Borgholm/Boras band – Hordes of The Apocalypse has releasing the second album: Une Nuit Dans Le Cimetiere as creatively made because of the handful bastards brain-dead sinister rockers duet as the usual form-members core: Greigh Johanson (vocals, sampler, lyrics) and Thomas Nyholm (vocals, drums, guitar, bass) naming themselves as a non-established Metal-Heads that coming to crack your heads wide open or leading their infamous repetitions of shambled dead walkers or ghouls topic to the cemetery’s orgy sexual shown boobs and pussy of the dead girls smirking gnarled and waiting for some stupid people to stop by and being aroused to be their meal victims.
   The dark of night and the similar order of most horror films would already had for themed ideas are all here on the track-lists to be burst-out and banging your compound away from safer conditions into the terror zone. A Cult of Blood-Drinking Aristocrats, Metaphotic Clown going out for the killings, mysteriously seductive The Moon Goddess to Fleshy Blonde She-Zombie or Revenge on The Wreckers might dealt done the missions of this recording to not just as a haunting version of GWAR’s sick ideas of building a bridge between Earth and Horror-Land amusement place and sadistic deserted fields of carnage through decades continuing to work out fine by Hordes of the Apocalypse. 

Watch out for the scythe – it’s fucking sharp, dudes !

Une Nuit Dans Le Cimetiere: