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Sky Time Matter (Rebel Group 2008)


   Hey why don’t you meet this trio Power-Pop band from DC Metro area: Ben Thornwell (piano, vocals), Tommy Siegel (guitars, vocals) and Jesse Kristin (drums, vocals) playing their melodic harmony music that would making the listeners sing along together as the neighbor’s sour face also will turning to a smile once you pressing play this awesome simple and jangly Pop through the band’s releasing debut of Let Live & Let Ghost.
Driving the good sense on happiness form of both lyrics and music towards he influences from Ben Folds rocking the suburb’s leading piano performance as well as the Alternative Rock recreations emerges from Miss Templeton’s 7000th Dream, Static to The Heart to Under My Skin or Beady Eyes on The Horizon for making more of your past lifetime memory or sensations pops right now in front of you – telling back the stories where you should regret the moves you didn’t make or the girl that you left alone – actually, loving you so much and more gathering tales wrapped into the melodies of powerful piano in Pop sensibility for making the weary day tuned to colorful even when you’re not a mortal anymore but Jukebox The Ghost in form. 
   Some questions asked about Where All The Scientists Now ? and an acclamation silly about Lighting Myself on Fire would made some girls name Victoria burst in stupid laugh – knowing that you trying to pursue them for being your girlfriends ! 

Let Live & Let Ghost: