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Met A Costume (Italians Do It Better 2007)


   Inhale and exhale as the intro begins and you can feel plenty percentages of lusty sensual beats that shall slowly forcing you – begging for more of that from the B/E/A/T/B/O/X album as the second releases from this Portland, Oregon Synth-Pop Techno group – Glass Candy; seductively formed by the essential horny musicians who love to make great music capable to be performs within sex hours intimacy and the regular listenable moments as well. Consisting of Ida No on vocals and Johnny Jewel the drum programming, productions and synthesizers releasing the very attractive sexual beats from this record as like as Beatific, Etheric Device, Candy Castle or the Kraftwerk’s cover on Computer Love.

   You might not capable for handling the attractions spreading slower but dangerous out of this album – the sounds that definitely would making you infected to do something sexually wet and hot for hours or if you can – your teenage daughters might becoming loose-cannon after this thing  plays through their stereo letting all the inhabitants going horny at once …