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Memory Bay (Not On Label 2012)


   The Leningrad Post-Punk five piece band that becoming a show for the new faces of Republic Federations of Russia far away from the past misty gloomy history of the terrible Sovyet Union.
The glasnost and perestroika products really hits the heart of Russian people like flipping their daily habits to modern day commercialism embracing as well as the more popular music influences come and begins to planting deep roots not to mentioning Punk Rock and Pop-Punk for affecting the thoughts of thinking for the young Russians to stepping forward and grab their own dreams internationally succeeded well. 
   Scarlet Pills might be that choice for example about how Punk-Pop can flowering finally upon Saint-Petersburg as the group themselves (Natsya, Dima, Slava, Valera or Dima) changing their old one – Geneva to Scarlet Pills as they’re influenced by The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid, Green Day to Good Charlotte and Radiohead. Gave the concepts for the band’s second full album – Colonial Parody with the giant old Soviet logo as the cover record within the delicious leading female vocals, energetic tempos and English-written lyrics really making more surprises for more audience to interesting on trying their works towards Colonial Parody – bursting tracks like On My Own, Treatment, Shadows, Same Old Story, The One Beside You or You’re Not Alone; being hesitates for sharing the proof and spreading stories about failed-relations, trusts or teenager issues that sometimes needs to rocking on our stereo even when some of us aren’t teenagers anymore at the moment. 

Just like younger Foo Fighters with girl on the lead singer ! 

Colonial Parody: