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Machine War Future (Skuld/Profane Existence 1997)


   Fucking UK troops for loyal Crust-Punk with Thrash Metal mixing bursting type of music really would annoying mostly the good people of the world believes that this planet still a beauty peaceful place to living but the truth is everything’s turned out to be a lie preserved by the media and the governments around their ruler circle of golden nest secretly – fought rapid and endless by these minority fast-crude sonic terrorist for sounds which both the music and lyrics didn’t looks friendly at all. Hellkrusher’s Doomsday Hour shall be the proof for that statements above while you and your slutty girl sleeping in prosperity castle with security and insurance; the front door finally, storming down and broke open – as the have-nots people and the angry kids raiding your compounds as they’re killing your pets, punching you in the face and stole your girlfriend for ransom payments as the high quality and fully technology places being ransacking for good and destroyed within the sound-tracking heavy Crust-Punk Hardcore devastation music from Another Night, No More, Fascist Regime, Lust for Power, Fuck You Pal, Bloodstained Cross, Scarred for Life to What Peace.
   Nothing is going to  be the freaking same again after the clashing civilizations meet the Doomsday Hour for the first and the last time to the end. 

Doomsday Hour: