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Infamous Butcher (Not On Label 2010)


   Highly Definitions as “a Murder-Folk” which only started as just the solo project that mounted the ideas as Daniel .K leaving Spicewood, TX as he himself moved to Orlando, Florida but recording its mini album Manimals; deep in the heart of Massachusetts – Salem to be exact.

   The acoustic Country mixed with Pop-Folk to Midwestern Dixie and more endorsing ambiguous art face lurking onto the disciple tracking on Dahmer Does Hollywood which telling the imaginative around Manimals album by AmigoThe Devil; fixing the Americana Indie Folk and Dark Metal or Punk influences. 
   While Alcohol shared for free or the dosage Husband searching for his Perfect Wife; thus Alternative lyrics for anti-christian’s society during the Winter cold turning to Spring onto Summer as the bloody productions, engineered and mixed by Kurt Ballou. 

Odd …