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Hurt Me Soul (Atlantic 2006)


   Growing up around prostitutes, drug-dealer and gangbangers really affecting the producer/Rapper/entrepreneur from Chicago, IL Wasalu Muhammad Jaco might not be your next Kanye West in flesh but his directs lyrics and rhyming Hip-Hop music maybe sounded as a brand new ambassador for peace religious not hatred war shit and traumatic in divided nations under god’s will where being friendly seems to be a sin and having different opinions might dragging your ass to get busted I your caps. Lupe Fiasco trying to be that guy – an artists who didn’t really enslaving himself within the bright stars of fame or controversy wrapping jackets for his body; this man honestly, hardened enough to becoming the bridge for connecting indifferences and wishfully, not being another ego-maniac for his own mouth and wealth in the future.
   The recording release from Lupe Fiasco’s wardrobe for - Food and Liquor marking his first big steps entering the world of commercialism but for him; still with a strictly caution not to get slipped and drown to die by the fortunate over dollars and pussies. Collecting the semi-perfect blends of discussing about poverty, terrorism, humanitarian, racism or Islam through Just Might Be OK, Kick Push, I Gotcha, He Say She Say, American Terrorist or The Emperor’s Soundtrack maybe sounded provocative and positive on the same time; turning this debut album should’ve been one of the American Great Rap recordings of all-time. 

Food & Liquor: