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Heisei Nippon Poet (Kadokawa 2015)


   Maybe just another Bubblegum Pop group from japan with their creativity for adding more various essence of many kinds of beats using the empowered passions over the likes of Synth-Pop, Progressive Rock, New Wave, Chiptune, Goth, groovy Industrial and Heavy Funk Metal as being led by two mixes of vocalist both male and female of Yokotan and Tenma who used to forming these band of collaborative projects and musicians several years ago after the millennium and naming it Urbangarde as they're already releasing many albums with more members like Zeze Shinsama (guitars), Kagiyama Kyoichi (drums) or  yachimura Kei on keyboards are also joining in completed the formation. The semi-Hardcore beats with Electronic slicks and Pop force driving the band's route to becoming just another Cross-Over sounded group with average performance; Urbangarde really put their efforts as one of the most intense bands in Japan and more people and music lovers liking them as well - thanks to the remarkable ideas and favorable mixing for making the musical interest for them growing up for more and tasty in textures even though they're keeps on singing the songs in Japanese. Showa 90 must be the latest record that been released by Urbangarde and on this one you might find more relativity blending towards their previous music and sounds - from the Nintendo-core, EDM, house-Dance, Traditional or something else you might like to listen. With thus funny titles such as Coin Locker Babys, Lips Democracy, Shinjuku Mon Amor, Listen to The Box Man through Zombie Powder; we all might be shocking heavily about how impossible becomes possible on the amazing music off the gaming values sharing by this "partying crazy" type of recording.

Don't be shy to try this one, friendster-san !

Showa 90: