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Grandmaphone Panky (Ninja Tune 2003)


   Born as Canadian with the name of Eric San is actually not only a turntablist and DJ but also a novelist whom composed and creating music especially the mixing of Electronic Hip-Hop Bluesy and graphic novelty type of sound-beats which expressed via his recording session releases as soloist projects or helping in collaborations within other artists albums and recordings such as Lovage or Peeping Tom with Mike Patton of Faith No More or in a supergroup of Deltron 3030 also featuring some of the Wolfmother’s crews there as this well deserved to taste and re-known correctly in passionate experimental experiences for those people who loved to listening an artistic weirdo guy making records like a talented champion but keeping it low-profiles and less commercials like these track-listings from the man with his recognitions stage name of Kid Koala having his own disc recording released on Some of My Best Friends are DJs as thus fifteen compositions presenting there would might satisfied your interest and thirst over how cool or talented this young DJ with Asian descents familiar looking really sounded like. For having his non-mainstream minded for making many off-tracks and non-regular beats possible using samples and mixers variously on board as you might get dancing nuts or just staring in your non-believer looks as they’re showing up rare, raw and might slapping your silly face once or twice within the skit-part scratching on Flu Season or Robochacha which coming in medium blast for number one weirdness tempo to Basin Street Blues or piano 60’s Midwest epic failure moment off Elevator Hooper as well as Annie’s Parlor and more stuff to baked through this addition for your shopping cart lists.