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Curfew’s Patty (Rookie Records 2012)


   While the artworks going to reminds you about something from A.F.I mission but the total music aloud belong under the NOFX influences that infecting this Nijmegen’s Punk Rock and Pop-Indie band Bambix.  
These trio punk-rockers from Nederland  might little by little attracting more fans to love their fast music that also carrying more melodic of Post-Hardcore or Classic standard of Rock N’ Roll plus Punk related sounds that go bangs some more ears to pay more attentions about this group. 
   Bambix releasing their latest efforts through The Story Tailor  that looks just like a proposal aim from the band to honoring the oldest and the last White Rabbit’s clan from Alice in Wonderland not just as a tailor but through these tracks of Pop-Punk heaven as well as their good live-staging; giving us the rocking symbols for keep on fighting and supports the directional protesters and anthem of tomorrow via Corners of The World, Hell and Back, Johan and Russian Songs. 
   So, whether you would Move On or Vacant or being Headstrong doing The List is Long for not complaining; Bambix will kissing you and tap your butt with smiling expressions. 

The Story Tailor: