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Chumeli Krev Hobuli (Bizarre Leprous Productions 2014)


   Hi and pleased to meet you - here's an example about how you should exactly enjoying live as it supposed to be with great choices of tracks that will not bore you but filling up the spirits to face the next tomorrow with fueled heart and much smiles. From Brno - Czech Republic; there you got these trio consisting of drummer Jony, guitarist Mara and Mira the vocalist as they might looking a little bit Punkish-odd but their musical talents are remarkable. You can trying them by listening to their Dramatorgie album release recorded by themselves simply known as Slup; putting the unpleasant-sided of Heavy Metal Extreme type of performance still with dignity and semi-brutla and mid-tempo Grindcore sounds with their skinny vocalist growling and screaming like a maniac on over-dosed drugs using or eating your babies raw. As the perfect porn-looking artworks and satisfying record to blasts in a very fucking loud volume, followed by head-banging ritual crazy and torturing of the weak people with too much kindness to share. Let the bullshit stops and the painful screams continues within the sadistic style of original standard Death Metallic growler to the amphibian/toady throat vocalization as you feel that the primitive side of yourself is coming back to conquer within thus grooves among Prst V Klade, Stetka A Nater, Hoven Se Nezbavis and Husi Kuzicka to Nemel Sracky or Viva Lila.

Fucking rot in deeper slumber dirt you - pathetic modern shitheads !