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Bikini Mama (Azbin / Beast 2014)

   Have you heard any of Garage Punk or Country-Surf Rock band from Monterfil, Bretagne (France) lately ? If not or never means that relatively you wouldn’t feel too curious about hearing just one of them ? So, for those whose being curious about listening to one then congratulation because here’s Duc, Pierro, Xav and Zlat as a Sapin quartet as an answer especially for you and the band gladly wouldn’t really care if you liking them or not but at least, you might try their album Wrong Way as terrible as a drunken cowboy kids wanted to recording their version of Alternative Rock with the likes for East of Eden soundtrack too much and Bill Murray’s anecdotes within a freaking poor self-writing songs to proof to their small (also) drunken audiences on a stage in the middle of a field as you can listening them to yourself through Sugar in My Coffee, Stolen Kisses, Rock around The Topic or Lost Beach. Oh jeez, yes – these guys might starting it again after another round drinks ? Or the front cover related to a drunk driving carelessly or even a date rape ? 

Who cares because they’re didn’t care either ! 

Wrong Way: