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Adjust Good Luck... (Closed Casket Activities 2014)


   A bit confusing for the title album which is said to be World War Live (Not Live at The Pit) but one can exactly figure this out themselves while Twitching Tongues blasting their Doomy Sludge and Hardcore blending music with Michael Cesario (drums), Taylor Young (rhythm guitar, vocals), Colin Young (vocals), Kyle Thomas (bass) and Leo Orozco (lead guitars) from Los Angeles, CA screaming but louder dangerous and slightly scarier their themed tracks of depression, relationship to self-destruction tales from the urban modern warfare world round us; through this record.

   So, hold on to something because these songs of raging sorrow and protests like Burn Forever, Preacher Man, Sleep to In Love There is No Law might going to shaking your ride in a very discomforting disturbance. 

Recorded live actually, at The Pit in Van Nuys, California.