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Flamencorpse Spaghetti (Obscene Productions 2008)

A scarring scare trio of Grindcore/Death Metal off Vaxjo – Sweden mixing their semi Cross-over techniques within the brutality and dark humor among others insignificant parental or adult stuff to thrown out onto your fucking face as others head-banging like total maniacs and surely, the mosh-pit shall turning to a bone-crusher place you don’t want to enter unless you’re ready to freaking die. Birdflesh has brought to you their fourth releasing product and it certainly isn’t pretty to see and listening but who cares about how douchebags going to die anyway or at least, having their broken bones after being smashed to the wall by The Farmer’s Wrath music. 
Blame Achmed Abdulex (guitars, vocals), Panda Flamenco (bass, vocals) and Smattro Ansjovis (drums, vocals) sounding so terrifying like the double dosage injections of The Cavalera Brothers and Sepultura being pissed-off and you don’t want to dealing with. Blasts everything in full volume and let the world explodes through Goatrider, Payday Mayday, The Flying Penis, Suffer in The Dark of Darkness and Cake Full of Maggots or more destructive tracks listed here from number one up to twenty six. Sick fucking bastards within the Death Metal drugs addict !

The Farmer's Wrath:


Juice Boy Crime Pin (Steel Cage Records 2003)


Sleazy and powerfully glamour like excellently - retro meets new fornication between the 70's rebel-rocking moods taken from the early Punk-Hardcore and standard Johnny Rotten's molester looks and attitudes over the tracks as well as the 80's amid underground controller based on the rising of Hair Metal music and general snotty honest and anti-establishment from Seattle Sound products wraps into one package and you got The Resistoleros; a Latino based strange form of Rock N' Roll which simple but perhaps, unstoppable. As the original line-up includes of vocalist Sammytown, Brian Schopflin (bass, back-up vocals), Ike Eischensher on drums with double duty lead soloist and rhythm guitars - Jonny Manak and Alby Wasted that blasting their glamour and raw images as the boosts of furious pissed off lyrics or the society story themed leads these songs inside the recording called Rock N' Roll Napalm that satisfied most of the fanatic fans of this sub-genre along by the like of D-Generation, Klover, Jawbreaker or Parade of Losers right on the lists. Fast and anthemic for you and friends to sing along and screaming shouts following the tracks like I'll Bleed for You, Bad Weather, Assault & Battery, Break Mine Off, 9/11 or Caught with your panties down - sounding like it's good to have the Glam-Rock glittery and metallic Punk-Rock Pop swearing the world which is wonderful as heaven in hell.

Rock N' Roll Napalm:

153 Years (L’Inphantile Collective 2008)


   Various growlers made flesh by the madness frontman of these Athens’ Grindcore unit calling themselves Slavebreed which at first might sounding like they’re trying to copy some of Slipknot’s heavy-duty brutal riffs or chords but later after you decided to listening more careful to this releasing on the debut – Pain Syndicate; one shall clearly assure that the psychotic band that related to the gods and goddesses descendants near the Adriatic must be possessed with better things so evil that the audiences might going to kill each-other inside the mosh-pit because of their destructive music performance. Kostas, Smirnoff, Thanasis, Tolis or Pavlos just approved that they’re can be one of the new ambassadors for European Extreme Metal scene from the South where heritage plays a great role for shaping these magnificent ear-drums destroyer as ultimate as fuck.
   Yet again, you need no more further steps to visiting Hell as the album play and the volume extremely loud bashing those metal-heads one against each other as Detention-Revolution, Inane, Youth Fabric, God-Slave –Pain to Misguided Prophets sharing you stories about raging people to another that having wealth, prosper and success but all of them shall easily be destroyed by the Scorned Choke of Pitiful Existence. 

Pain Syndicate:

Crush Them! (Rising Nemesis Records 2017)

Man, you only need few things for destroying the fake people community around you and some of them really just need to be put on and play louder through some PA’s parade as Grindcore or Death Metal recording with only five tracks can do that very well. Take your time to visit the courtyard where justice’s blind they said but money talks so bullshit walks but relax, pal – not anymore after you cranking this beasty horrible Gummersbach, Deutschland group’s album Eradication of Society from Obsolete Incarnation where Martin Koprek, Kai Zantis, Jens Strack with their friends made this total brutal blasting of pure hatred and energy via Extreme Death Metal sounds – giving the great effects inside the auditorium courtyard as well as its visitors and people involving on the process of so-called justifications. 
So, see later on after a few minutes – policeman getting eaten alive, while hookers got tortured and raped, the judge shooting himself while others trying to seek for safety ended up dead in such a tragic or horrific as intestines fell to the floor and gory feast happened along with Suffocate Humanity or Limbus cranks !

Eradication of Society:

Tajemny Katatech Tvar (Bizarre Leprous Production 2017)


Live or die in Ostrava but don't ever under-estimating one of their local boys whose favorable and influenced by Napalm Death or other newer sub-genre scene of either Death Metal or Gore-grinding session of devastating double pedals and more shredding chops that can easily cut your heads off or putting you into the self-gagged condition right before some mad surgeons do the torturing experiments upon you with nothing you can do about it except giving up. These Gory Grinders form Czech Republic of a quartet: Robert Rozanski (guitars), David (bass), Porky (drums) and Kino (vocals) blaming the society over the lower-living standard and more poverty among common people while the richest are getting powerfully fat and rich every single day. As the menu for this occasion, Carnal Diafragma has this recording release entitled Grind Restaurant Pana Septika - a compiling of their most sickest and latest thousand times thrilling and tons of pornographic lyrics and imaginable scene that would easily comes to your mind if you can speak Czech or diligently - translates thus seventeen gory-sickest tracks including Nedonosene morske plody na biskupskem chlebicku, Postelman a Semendavaj aneb Pudli puding ondulovany kulmou, Zapekane mysí novorozene v kocici remulade to Lehce zahana kokotnice v meduzím pyre or Cadaver in Medical Jurisprudence (Pathologist cover) among others - but no matter what; you will definitely will die in unspoken pains and enjoy the Gore-Grind extreme menus !

Grind Restaurant Pana Septika:

Chumeli Krev Hobuli (Bizarre Leprous Productions 2014)


   Hi and pleased to meet you - here's an example about how you should exactly enjoying live as it supposed to be with great choices of tracks that will not bore you but filling up the spirits to face the next tomorrow with fueled heart and much smiles. From Brno - Czech Republic; there you got these trio consisting of drummer Jony, guitarist Mara and Mira the vocalist as they might looking a little bit Punkish-odd but their musical talents are remarkable. You can trying them by listening to their Dramatorgie album release recorded by themselves simply known as Slup; putting the unpleasant-sided of Heavy Metal Extreme type of performance still with dignity and semi-brutla and mid-tempo Grindcore sounds with their skinny vocalist growling and screaming like a maniac on over-dosed drugs using or eating your babies raw. As the perfect porn-looking artworks and satisfying record to blasts in a very fucking loud volume, followed by head-banging ritual crazy and torturing of the weak people with too much kindness to share. Let the bullshit stops and the painful screams continues within the sadistic style of original standard Death Metallic growler to the amphibian/toady throat vocalization as you feel that the primitive side of yourself is coming back to conquer within thus grooves among Prst V Klade, Stetka A Nater, Hoven Se Nezbavis and Husi Kuzicka to Nemel Sracky or Viva Lila.

Fucking rot in deeper slumber dirt you - pathetic modern shitheads !


Tony De Toper (Bandcamp 2017)


   Sjors Rothuizen (vocals), Maarten Vermeulen (vocals), Bas Leenders (drums), Thomas Jansen (guitars) and Jurgen Mkrtsjan (bass) uniting their extremity force of power as the combinations of Death Metal, Hardcore and Grindcore in common brutality ways having their space right here on these Arnhem, Gelderland's Kaasschaaf for the various "forbidden" themes coming on their sicker minds and wrote the songs about coprophilia, sicknees of porn and other stories around torturing and painful methods did on others as habits, addictions or just for fun. No more society respects shall be coming from these Metalheads releasing an insane album of Obesitatas - a horrific tales about how terrible being a slave of your own greed and lust for keeps on feasting as you unnoticed by yourself had turning into a gigantic fat monster as yoo keep on eating everything around you; including your own flesh and foot. A celebration for humanity at the stake of a brink extinction after modern days and technology comes and ruling the daily living - changing you and the rest into lazy cannibalistic monsters for then eating on each other. Listen to the destructible tracks you need or don't wanted to hear for life through those Dutch's lyrics locally still dangerous and raw to infecting minds of the listeners via De Fietsopa, De Kuttenklapper (Cunt topper), Te Dom Om Te Poepen (Too Stupid Too Defecate) and the English song - Cock and Shoulders in far extreme example background on your mom's bloody-mess genital surgery cheering.

Deal with this cause our world is a sicker realm and most of us loving it !


Sulfuric Acid Ode (Xtreem Music 2017)


Go put yourself into the trance position as the grinding Extreme Metal sound hitting you like a sandbag by punches from all over the directions; meet the Spain's finest underground collection for those whom idolizing the wrath raging destructive type of Heavy Metal sub-genre off this Burgos, Castile and Leon's Nasty Surgeons with guitarist Gonzalo Dalle, Adrian (bass), Raul Weaver (guitars, vocals) and Ramon Mur (drums) did the great fucking job for sending their crashing effects of unbreakable liaison in order to go further and heavily faster towards civilized world for more destruction.
As the releasing of Exhumation Requiem and those ten "Death Metal mix Grind-core" terror attacks via Human Flesh is also Food, Antemortem Dissection, Autopsy's Protocol or The Resurrectionists; shall infinitely bring disaster in any kinds of form forging like fire-floods onto you and your town as one cranking this fucking new extreme album damn loud in the middle of weekend parade or church speaker on Sunday.

Entombed fans are mostly, welcomed !

Exhumation Requiem:


Tight Blue Pants (Suburban Noize Records 2012)


   Born as Yeshe Perl, a turbulent childhood within his Jewish family heritage are currently a Hollywood Rapper if you might not believing this but that’s alright because all you need to do is find his albums and try to listen to them – you fucking prick ignorant ! Like this example from Mickey Avalon (Yeshe’s stage nickname) out of his second album that entitled Loaded – which at first actually, looked like an Alternative Pop-Rock album but then after you found out about this long-haired man gimme his touch and self-experiences among prostitutes and abusive substance and materials such as drugs usage written into his lyrics, flowing like river Jordan or perhaps, just a mixing match better more with others musical style like Punk-Rock, Blues and Heavy-Pop under the reigning champion basic standard good and various sneaky Hip-Hop and Rap beats or synth’s samplers determine as your asses are shakin’ and the more slappin’ down there shall making your women wilder as you all dancing harder following the music of Mickey Avalon.
   So then with his pimpin’-like name and the great semi-retro part of old school beats in display for such amazing tracks like Rock Bottom, Girlfriend, More Junk, California Crack Cocaine (featuring Cisco Adler) to Baby Doll and I’m Hot clearly showing everyone that once again there’s no racism in Rap music, Hip-Hop music, entire realm of music ! 


Cogs In Cogs (Mellow Records 1997)


   The real Progressive label from Italy completely creating this compilation of these two discs as the various artists album of Gentle Giant Tribute - Giant For Life as most of the bands whose involving on this clever and simple moves to gathering all the fan-based musicians in common ground and speaking the same vibrant for the universal likes towards the forefathers who formed the legendary group in London, England decades ago either they’re Derek, Phil and Ray of The Shulman’s Brothers or multi-talented guitarist  Gary Green or keyboardist Kerry Minnear as the band turned out to be a massive contender for Yes as the vibrating essential grooves influenced by Jazz, Folk or Blues sounding thicker on the veins of these Giants. Look further no more for the parade of amazing cover version tracks from Sky Island on In a Glass House, French TV with Mister Class and Quality ? or further more in experiencing Progressive Rock experimental journey following this tribute album compilation as we finding Ivanhoe The Giants performing Wreck, Raymond Benson did pretty well through Think of Me with Kindness to Clarion’s Talybont, Acquiring The Taste by Louie Mastro, Zauber with A Reunion as well as Sven Herman’s Peel The Paint or  Algebra sharing their version of Funny Ways.
   Definitely, the legends in the real band Gentle Giant would be so proud for having this performance products in record as a warm salute for their endless passion in knitting music that could then giving birth to more creative and brilliant ideas next.

V.A Giant For A Life - A Tribute to Gentle Giant:

Paralyzed Morbid (Razorback Recordings 2012)

Louisiana’s quartet of one finest atmospheric Death Metal music ever roaring their sounds in records that makes the entirely US Southern Metal Music proud to have them. This horrific foursome: Alucard Bellows (vocals), Assassin (guitars, vocals), Coffin Fiend (drums) and Waldemar De Marnac (bass, vocals) written their redneck-passionate connection in between Death Metal and Progressive Metal in combine; marking the rest of how those cemetery shadowing corners sometimes really could rising danger off its frightening creatures from the dark-side ready to grab you by the neck or eating you alive. The slower mode of Doom-laden riffs to those speeding chaotic sounds and crushing drum-bash covered by the creepy organ tones before destruction comes in form of Orloff (the group) which releasing its wrath recording through Apparitions Among The Graveyard Skies. Cobwebbed and Decayed, Thrall of The Death’s Head, House Where The Beast Dwell, The Needful Revenge of Arthur Grimsdyke or Nine Entitites in Doom; shall directly skinned you alive in screams as the power of demonic mantra attacks the living greed people – dragging them into the tomb’s hole … 

Apparitions Among The Graveyard Skies:

Alzbeta Curse Countess (Razorback Records 2015)

The risks are clearly showing as the metallic music erupted in a form of Doomy, Old School Death Rock with King Diamond’s influence as well as Black Metal female vampires or demon possession background towards Queen Bathory’s historic events into lyrics and themes of this group - Wooden Stake from San Diego, CA releasing their second album filled with horror, occultism and bloody carnage through A Feast of Virgin Souls. Performance maintained by these duet couple of William Wardlaw (guitars, drums) and Vanessa Nocera (bass, vocals) bringing the blast vengeance under the darkness force and black magic rhythms as the riffs moving between the Doom Metal to N.W.O.B.H.M to Death Metal destroying your face like deadly punches within the growling vocals and mid-tempo crushing sounds by the tracks of Rise of The Bleeding Coffin, Dragged Through The Rotted Catacombs or Hanging from The Inverted Cross; that once again shall giving sparkles for those whom worshiping Mercyful Fate and the Diamond of King so much – you will follow the obligations and commanding to kill in the name of Satan the almighty ! 

A Feast of Virgin Souls:

Infamous Butcher (Not On Label 2010)


   Highly Definitions as “a Murder-Folk” which only started as just the solo project that mounted the ideas as Daniel .K leaving Spicewood, TX as he himself moved to Orlando, Florida but recording its mini album Manimals; deep in the heart of Massachusetts – Salem to be exact.

   The acoustic Country mixed with Pop-Folk to Midwestern Dixie and more endorsing ambiguous art face lurking onto the disciple tracking on Dahmer Does Hollywood which telling the imaginative around Manimals album by AmigoThe Devil; fixing the Americana Indie Folk and Dark Metal or Punk influences. 
   While Alcohol shared for free or the dosage Husband searching for his Perfect Wife; thus Alternative lyrics for anti-christian’s society during the Winter cold turning to Spring onto Summer as the bloody productions, engineered and mixed by Kurt Ballou. 

Odd … 


Long Island Lolita (Devils Jukebox Records 2010)

   More merrier than Courtney Love and as freaking loud as Joan Jett meets The Sex Pistols on their popper version right after the demise of her NY Loose band; Brijitte West still wont quitting the success living for Rock N’ Roll this time coming back with her new project of Brijitte West and The Desperate Hopefuls as they’re recording new albums and materials releasing them as the band’s self-titled album as they’re brought back the kicks from Power-Pop and Punk Rock within more thicker Glam-Rock influences as the glitter soft distorted barks and Ms. West semi-nude posed inside the bath-tube sexier and filling up the good senses of being free from the stressed out life in daily motions through the essential touches via tracklisting of Mess of Myself, Hard to Believe, Walk Out to Bleeding Heart or Bitter & Twisted – like riding off the back of your bike or driving the car in high speed limit chased without a cop car or other distractions surrounds – listening to the sensual riffs and powerful Punk-Pop products performed by Keef Gibbs (lead guitars, backing vocals), Richie Hudson (bass, backing vocals), Robin Guy (drums) and Brijitte on her leading role vocals and rhythm guitars. 


Mr. Mandible Dementia (Bandcamp 2016)

   For you who used to be a big fan of Indie Rock UK names like Suede or Pulp with the sad gloomy tension feelings kinds of story – then, this time one shall trying to booked their time to listening carefully to Pang Attack – the Northern fuzzy soundscape with their introspective visions as it good for souls to get to interact within the band’s members: David Clark (bass, keys), Yann Geoffroy (drums) and Alex Hackett on guitar and voice for these Montreal trio mixing music of Shoegaze, DreamPop to Ambient Psychedelic as they’re releasing the North Country Psychic Girls on the run with perspective influenced by mostly, the British recording artists and visuals throwing the melancholy works of lyrics and slow-tempo for dancing in tears through Stranger’s Song or Frailty Revisited or Invaded Head as you can easily giving them the good marks for this efforts or not – depends on yourself but definitely, with thus saxophone by Erik Hove on track number 2 might changing your mind for trying to like them not because they’re too soft as Indie Rock can really be but for being honest on not surprising people too often with cheap controversy except the odd name they’re chosen. 

North Country Psychic Girls:

Turtle Dick (Kopperation Records 2016)

The simplicity chaos shaped in the malfunctioned Thrash-Punk crazy band either they’re leftish or right wings doesn’t really matters to the same audience with madness based personality listening to this fast and furious of Germany’s Fleshhead Attack as The Exploited siamese twins with Gunther on vocals, Egon on klamfe, Flo (bass) and Mono for schlazeug non-corporate just like Crust-Core Punk on Flakka effects as ferocious as they wanted to be on this Brainparasite. 
The album recording with thirteen tracks with almost the same fierce power-violent protests lyrics and slam-dunking slapstick crushing beats visions that would blown you house out and kill your fucking parents instead for acute nausea or ears bleeding meanwhile the classic bastard songs blasting from the inside of your stereo within Black Sheep, Trash TV, Scum of Society, Face to Face or Nerve Wrecking Norf as the infections spreading on highest alerts outside and most of those humans that you already hate for their existence either dead or turning to a flesh eating cannibal creatures as well as the toxic waste becomes a poisonous drink of choice and the infected cattle, infected shit-heads and the crazy snow-cleaner truck seems looking its for killing them all, don’t forget this album to play as loud as it could before you successfully win or die ! 


Mortician’s Daughter (Topshelf Records 2015)

Chicago, Illinois USA is one of the cities there that always never out of stocks when we talking about good Indie bands spotting on its surroundings area music scene and as the seconds gone now again – we got another new good name of Ratboys; the Indie-Pop band consisting of a quartet that fronted by the girl singer/guitarist familiar in her unique vocals like the long-missed version of Lisa Loeb meeting That Dog in a trauma center singing simple but honest records playing bunch of semi-Jangle Rock and half-piece of Alternative music from the nineties with Julia Steiner, Dave Sagan (guitar), Will Lange (bass) and Pat Kennedy (drums) releasing the album called AOID; performing their emotional Pop-Rock influences as well as the naïve ideas from the past sixteen era for writing these good sensitive songs of Charles Bernstein, MCMXIV, Postman Song and Pivotal Dates. 

Remarkably, could defining the happiness feelings from you to sparkle shortly after you realizing by surprises that you already humming with them.


Offering 11:39 (Bandcamp 2015)


As the weather uncertainty colder season within the wind blows affecting you and the people not to staring too darn long into the small storm outside as the darkness finally, misses the light for the first time conceiving the wholly unique terms on a non-pretension for singularity in vision or scope as the duet trapped the listeners between the exhilarating and shivers feeling for the strings section magic spells of music made by Raphael Weinroth-Browne (cello) and Heather Sita Black (voice) known themselves to be The Visit; Ontario’s Experimental Chamber Classic noise recordings on Through Darkness Into Light that possible as the progressive world music meets the semi-Heavy Metal or Goth sounding eerie and little bit unsafe for easy listening program but the fourteen minutes more creepy mellow harmony on Without This Flesh to Cast Off The Veil by the more than eight minutes play shall opening the eyes and ears of the blinds and the deaf to be cured again by these touch of orchestral leads to suffocation hands disguising as softer Alt-Classic Poison Pop.

Through Darkness Into Light:

Heisei Nippon Poet (Kadokawa 2015)


   Maybe just another Bubblegum Pop group from japan with their creativity for adding more various essence of many kinds of beats using the empowered passions over the likes of Synth-Pop, Progressive Rock, New Wave, Chiptune, Goth, groovy Industrial and Heavy Funk Metal as being led by two mixes of vocalist both male and female of Yokotan and Tenma who used to forming these band of collaborative projects and musicians several years ago after the millennium and naming it Urbangarde as they're already releasing many albums with more members like Zeze Shinsama (guitars), Kagiyama Kyoichi (drums) or  yachimura Kei on keyboards are also joining in completed the formation. The semi-Hardcore beats with Electronic slicks and Pop force driving the band's route to becoming just another Cross-Over sounded group with average performance; Urbangarde really put their efforts as one of the most intense bands in Japan and more people and music lovers liking them as well - thanks to the remarkable ideas and favorable mixing for making the musical interest for them growing up for more and tasty in textures even though they're keeps on singing the songs in Japanese. Showa 90 must be the latest record that been released by Urbangarde and on this one you might find more relativity blending towards their previous music and sounds - from the Nintendo-core, EDM, house-Dance, Traditional or something else you might like to listen. With thus funny titles such as Coin Locker Babys, Lips Democracy, Shinjuku Mon Amor, Listen to The Box Man through Zombie Powder; we all might be shocking heavily about how impossible becomes possible on the amazing music off the gaming values sharing by this "partying crazy" type of recording.

Don't be shy to try this one, friendster-san !

Showa 90:

Big Dad Be Ok (Gump Records 2014)


Meet the all-female (maiden) rockers group from Tokyo, Japan's Band-Maid whose having their sweet good-looking with Guns N' Roses wilder influences and Def Leppard's attitude towards the mixing of best of faster Pop-Rock, Punk-Pop, Power Rock to Glam-Metal concluded into one particular product which is on this mini-album entitled Maid In Japan for example; sounding fresh with their ultimate rootsy of J-Rock music experience and international spirits to be easily and sooner well-known outside their own "Rising Sun" country. Meet them girls in sexy uniforms and freely rocking background from Misa, Akane, Kanami, Saiki and Miku as a solid band and performing their own musical instruments as well as writing their songs on English titles with their native Japanese lyrics which possibly won't be a difficulties for anyone whom loves to trying the group's warm invitation for Pop-rocking aloud and also for thus whom into girl bands both Rock or Pop might also liking these Japanese whose sometimes sounded like The Donnas moving their asses to Japan and decided to learning the local customs - changing their name and adopts J-Rock as the new weapon (as well as great licks fro guitars and mid-tempo pumping choruses) for kissing commercialism tighter and go for more more success.

Let's press play and put the volume louder for: Key, EverGreen, Bye My Tears and Forward or Knockin' On Your Heart and love the maidens !

Maid In Japan:

Fxck The Clock (Black Totem Records 2016)

Sounding like the legendary Aberdeen trio led by Kurt Cobain’s comeback from the dead as the feedback, the distortions and the distinctive vocals – all changed to better, softer and more commercial than they’re used to be; wait a second for this is not Nirvana but Dr. Chan – a Paris. France Garage/Doom/Punk Rock group that consisting of a trio whose mixing their liking for Skater-Punk, Garage Rock or Indie-Pop by the power-riffs off Heavy Rock plus distortions but then suddenly, can changes to any repertoir clues pointing to The Beach Boys as they’re mixed commonly by the adrenalized life of youth with Paris’ triple x love on the stereo. 
Taste the contrary sounds of Dr Chan through their releasing on Mental Dhead and you shall then, knowing the originality mixes which may bridging the gap between Alternative Hard Rock and melodic Pop by power of musical persuasion made well like this one here. Simple, rocking, silly, romantic and in rage must be fixated in balance so that you can keep on enjoying the odd tracks like Sleepin Like A Horse, My Kind, I Don’t Wanna Be A Ghost and Always Fun – stating that the pulse of living for Alternative Rock still luckily alive nowadays and the fascist media wont stopping it to growing back again like Mental Dhead.

Mental Dhead:

Hepatitis Libido (Debemur Morti Productions 2015)


Sit back and enjoy the destructions led by the control of O. (drums, vocals) and Gilles De Reis (guitars, bass, song-writing, lyrics) duo whose a non-conformist uniting force behind this Black Metal project of demonizing modern science background on Porta Nigra (The Black Gate) hailing themselves from Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatine with the basket full of wrath domains towards transgression, decadence, sex and mental illness themes erupting within their Extreme music blends between Black Metal and Industrial-core banging over this releasing record of Kaiserschnitt. One will be totally burnt out by thus nine chosen collective tracks inside which wrapped with a raging Metal-core melodic salute for blasting drum bashers and heavy doomed riffs plus the gut-stabber solos and screaming vocals. Whether you’re a Germans or speaking Germans or not about both of them; still this album would making you head-banging hard as the tracks of In Stahlgewittern, Ich-Zerfall or Die Mensur exploding louder – so that some audiences could imagine on how awesome the joint-force between Faith No More and Metallica’s recording with the original members and new darker influences sounded like – this !


Locoluvva Sirens (Tape 2016)


   Laura Bettinson changing her lifestyle into a pinky and eccentric new figure of Electro-Pop and Hi-NRG sounds within the theme for loving boys, flirting on boys or just talking about how sucks boys can really become. Now you might have to calling her Femme; a Annie Lennox wannabe creature but different far far away from being too seductive or mysterious even after Eurythmics disbanded – Femme comes and bring her fun-time spreading jingle of Pop cookies and cakes and candies via the track-listings on her Debutante recording.
   Electro-Synth-Pop colors splashing through every corners as the audiences seemed to be hold themselves not to dance but not for long because the Pop-tones attacks from Fever Boy, S.O.S, Light Me Up, Shout Out Loud and Dumb Blonde shall tickling you and the rest of listeners hardly to sit tight on their seats after several minutes those modern samplings and mixes sounded too damn inviting for us to stand up and be happy with pinky Femme infuse-sounds ! 


Indiana Swim (Made In China Records 2011)


   This Portland, Oregon’s Psychedelic Stoner Rock group with heavily influences for Classic Rock and Power-house Rock n’ Roll you needed to higher the dosage up because Black Pussy’s music would gladly sounding cranking, hypnotizing and shall giving you the addiction hallucinations just like crossing the desert after the sun-downing; camp-fire rounded consuming the magic mushroom and adoring the moonlight. On Blonde perhaps, would be an album which can open the roadtrip for these rockers: Dustin Hill (guitars, vocals), Ryan McIntyre (guitars), Dean Carroll (drums), Aaron Poplin (bass guitar) and Keith O’Dell (synthesizers) hitting their gas pedal and roaming ahead leaving dusts behind covered the empty slot of dry land like it used to be again. Don’t get them too damn wrong but Black Pussy since spitting the acclamation marks for Marijuana uses through their lyrics or Can’t Take Anymore and Blow Some Steam Off in such an anonymous meaningful about sexual harassment or blind-raping promotional onto their listeners that mostly are white people – really erupts the raging protests toward that issues along with the chosen name of the group that predicts to be a type of discrimination and racist ideas that happens and needed to be replaced; the band politely refuses that. Making polemic along the multicultural cities in US territory which not only protesting them but forbid them to playing shows on their towns.
   Anyway, rockers would still wanting more out of these long-haired/hippie looking band whose truly can play and writing music and cooked them into a well-done melodious guitar music recording that rocks any listeners. 

Like them or hate them or shut your fucking mouth - assholes !!!

No Blonde:

Bikini Mama (Azbin / Beast 2014)

   Have you heard any of Garage Punk or Country-Surf Rock band from Monterfil, Bretagne (France) lately ? If not or never means that relatively you wouldn’t feel too curious about hearing just one of them ? So, for those whose being curious about listening to one then congratulation because here’s Duc, Pierro, Xav and Zlat as a Sapin quartet as an answer especially for you and the band gladly wouldn’t really care if you liking them or not but at least, you might try their album Wrong Way as terrible as a drunken cowboy kids wanted to recording their version of Alternative Rock with the likes for East of Eden soundtrack too much and Bill Murray’s anecdotes within a freaking poor self-writing songs to proof to their small (also) drunken audiences on a stage in the middle of a field as you can listening them to yourself through Sugar in My Coffee, Stolen Kisses, Rock around The Topic or Lost Beach. Oh jeez, yes – these guys might starting it again after another round drinks ? Or the front cover related to a drunk driving carelessly or even a date rape ? 

Who cares because they’re didn’t care either ! 

Wrong Way: