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Yanastinatas (Hells Headbangers 2013)


   Either you can calling some of them as the real members of this Detroit, Michigan's bewildering team of Punk-chaotic, motor-erotic with uncompromising evil spells of their infested roots under the influences between Black Metal and Thrash; Shitfucker that might consisting of whether Styx Chizzler, Bruce Wallbillich, Daemonbitch, Tony Kaos or Shagrat might be sounded just like a mad angry disposal cement-eaters that pissed to the world with their fast slicing riffs and tempos, the mighty underground solos or the blasting music beats that shall creating panic among the realm of normal Metal community instantly. The pleasure of being non-fucking care about almost anything has made these Speed-Metallers and their only releasing of Suck Cocks In Hell as the proclamations about how to be free-thinker people when you got surroundings by bigots and fucker-fakes society and all you need to do is wrote down more Extreme Satanic hatred music and turn it up louder on the smoking speakers and see if they're can kill. The oral assaults through the recording with ten tracks that sounded like they're had been writing by Lemmy himself and Motorhead with some more edgier shapes added by the next followers specials for the considerations of angry bikers or evil worshipers where ever you are.
   Graveyard Revels, Sex Dungeon, Acid bath and Satantisanity or I Am The Devil and Rock N' Roll Freaky Dude had tells us all about them.

Suck Cocks in Hell: