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Sao Ubon Ro Rak (Innovative Leisure Records 2016)


Traditional instrumental sound meets modern Progressive Pop culture as the story begins with a producer from LA discovered this ensemble playing somewhere around Thailand; where the local group named Khun Narin actually, coming from a border village of Lom Sak that more inland deeper or isolated but the good compositions of local music form called Phin Prayuk which led by the three strings instrument with Boss effects to Fender pick-ups and distortion or digital delay for local occasions such as banquet and western wedding expo or such; believe it they're sounding a little bit modern but also oldies and classic like the fusion of inspirational Pop-Progressive to a Chinese influence and minimalist Rock N' Roll music that really will gives you a hint for smiling even on a hot sunny day in tropical weather unreported. Also known later as Khun Narin's Electric Phin band that expanding their members adds to more than ten personnel or sometimes just in smaller numbers - recording this album of themselves instrumentally and serious but sometimes recapturing all the fun for working hard in what they're loving the most in music, Khun Narin's II reflects the compositions from Phua Kao to Sao Kalasin Lam Phloen to Chackim to Long Wat.

Eccentric traditions for local ears and international ones ...

Khun Narin's II: