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Planting Sky One Box (Catch All Records 2003)


   Meet these finest new generation off the J-Rock big family tree calling themselves Totalfat and having these quartet of vocalist/guitarist Jose, bassist/vocalist Shun, guitarist Kuboty and drummer Bunta mixing their greater blends of Melodic Hardcore, Pure Pop-Punk and Alternative Rock as this band might sounded like their liking influences from NOFX or Pennywise onto their sounds while doing their parts to keeping Japanese Music scene louder and famous internationally, supporting Punk Spring, Summer Sonic Festival and other major shows around Japan or abroad. Coming from Hachioji – Tokyo; performing their faster tracks and loudest tempos in their most independent movements while re-creating the emerging Punk-Pop reincarnations towards the love of music as we can listening to them very interesting through the first installment of full studio album on End of Introduction.
   Et wrecky via Nothing But, Music for You, Hope from 3rd Rated Life or Thinkin’ About Our Way and Next year would be a very good starts to receiving most of the information about them, especially - their music and activities and the entire general J-Pop culture carried their own flag and being sounded expressive on their own style.

End of Introduction: