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Mossy Coat (Furrow Records 2010)

   The Glamoury could be rhyming with essential Pop measurement sounds that you would loved to listen on mostly every kinds of season over a year; Emily Portman might be your unknown singer, artists or composer of music but with this album of hers - one or two listeners might eventually can hold on to something real, softly firm and more than that harmony and soulful by form as they're can be confirmed as a possible responsive themes for our lack of kindness and warmth touches towards each other as we almost losing our capability to communicate to one another along this decade. The Folk-Pop reminiscent whispers and essentially gently lyrics on the songs of Tongue-Tied or Bones and Feathers must be some examples for us to glowing our consciousness back to where it belongs as we buried deep the prejudice and social phobias to embracing true lights of days at the ending season to started again something new. This singer girl and musician from Liverpool, UK might keep stings your conscious as the surreal talks and intimate messages taken or influencing by the common old Folkish thoughts from afar to the nearest feelings either you're travelling somewhere or being home with the one you loved the most - please, remember that these tracks of remembrance like Pretty Skin, Two Sisters and Hide shall never can replacing your loss but they're greater enough to helping you standing up again from the fall once torturing you like Fine Silica turned to forgiveness and blessings ...

The Glamoury: