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Maria Cries Lizard (Bandcamp 2012)


   Form the likes on Islands, Roilo Kiley, The Rolling Stones, dead and dying things to radio shack mics, the twilight zone or miscellaneous variety of garage or bedroom recordings and The Smiths all in general mixed activities; the group of three from Santa Rosa, CA named Mystery Invention whom always saying that they're coming from the fifth dimension and loved the philosophy of music as one hundred percents of Fuzz Music experiments probably - just trying not too exaggerate the group which consisting of Dominic Agius, Sara Davis and Spencer Hays are the creative trio whose inspiring themselves for wrote more good songs within the balance for both Indie Rock, Pop-Alternative and Folk-Grunge in the simple distortions comes in softer magic; spreading happy feelings, Rock N' Roll presentation and creepy melodies to you via the self-titled album of their own.
   The eccentric romance through Katrina or Happy Vampire Song that dragging the essential parts of why young people choose this kinds of music to ruling a decade as the reason to find in short. Bitter/Sweet as the opener or Comin' Down from Love which completed with the background scratch sample and more elegant harmony built by the trio may lasted a bit longer than just only a memory tribute for the late member of Mystery Invention's Mr. Agius whose leaving his band and the listeners too soon (1988 - 2011).

Mystery Invention: