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Leaden Sky (Bandcamp 2013)


   Great synchronized Progressive Rock temple of worshiping formed by the Iranian keyboardist Farhood Ghadiri as the band Mavara expanding for recruits more names of both Iranian local musicians and international friends to play the serious themed tracks written by the band together with a complicated Eastern-tinged compositions in solo, melodies and crazy harder edgy sounds along the performance by Askhan Hamedi (bass), Scott Abene (guitars), Sina Khodaiefer (bass), Anis Oveisi (keyboards) or Jim Welch (drums) for combining their strength of talents in executing the essential running solos or more process on grilling the good music and fine vocals with the likes of Marillion and Prog-Rock scenery towards Mavara’s Season of Salvation record delivering thus artistic songs like Better Dream, Atomic Unity, Endless Illusion or Period of Innocence over Karaj, Iran to the world as the band sharing their tales of mystery and magic in the air of Persia tonight.

Though, this Progressive Rock band representing Portsmouth, New Hampshire now ! 

Season of Salvation: