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Human Glue (Box Records 2016)


   Meet your exotic experiments of Garage Noise/Lo-Fi/Alternative Indie/Electro-Punk from Leeds.UK's Girl Sweat - a one man project that didn't care much about where the heck his distorted Grungy-Rock's spontaneous talents and influences came from before or after; the best way to listening this art-works bastard efforts is by letting yourself suffer the shocking truth as the waves of blasting echoes, sick-minded form and total expansion of ridiculous sounds attack hits you with the best shots like an invisible gamma ray from outer space which carrying too many loads of radioactive or killer lights that melts everything kinds of materials as he releasing another "sophisticated" recordings like Bad Happenings.

   Don't listen to him just because he's not a good looking guy or prefer to stop listening before you regret it - Gasoline Breeze to Get It Dead to New Jerks or else !

Bad Happenings: