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Heat Of The Summer (Rise Above Records 2016)


   Adrian Hawkins, Colin Standring, Rick Parnell and Rod Roach forming the group of Psychedelic/Garage Rock – Horse; having thus total influences from the lethal ingredients portfolio acid blasts or locust wonderland’s  imaginaries through the releasing of For Twisted Minds Only as the songs like See The People Creeping Round to Freedom Rider, Lost Control or To Greet The Sun or Gypsy Queen to Winchester Town/Dream Turn to Ashes as well as the popular stoned solos and melodies with the back grounding rhythmic drums and bass-lines and the vocalist screaming as he’s under the influence of heavy addiction on heroin.

   If you loved originality and the seventies Groovy-Rock or Flower Generations legacy – then, this recording is for you.

For Twisted Minds Only: