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Facemelt (Roc Nation / Columbia 2012)


   Some people might seeing her as the beauty form born out of the Latino Americans or Caribbean but truthfully, the fact is dear British singer/actress Rita Ora is really born as Rita Sahatciu on Pristina, SFR Yugoslavia and none of her Eastern Europe heritage clinging on how her looking today. Sensual and hot with the modern supports from Rn'B Music Media, Jay Z and the mainstream popular charts as well as her involving collaborations with some of the best DJ in the whole damn world within singles some are explodes or just flicking as temporary Dance-Floor anthems but as you can manage to seek here in ORA as her solo debut record; Rita Ora's music isn't too much as popular as other female performers on the same level - in fact, she's a little bit missing out her opportunity to be a star and luckily, picked as one of the singing contest juries that also lifted her recognition higher than before. Listening to her album is definitely not spreading something too special but the way the tracklists got rearranged there would be one of the main points where she's got back her momentum if the management keeps promoting her right since then. The EDM Dancing anthems which ready to completing and commanding people to obey as the interesting music beats happens to be arranged pretty much better too here. ORa shall giving u some of its mesmerizing tracks like R.I.P (featuring Tinie Tempah), Radioactive, Shine Ya Light, Uneasy and Been Lying must be thus arousing moments where some might looking back at Rita Ora and said that she's definitely hot not to handle !