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Everything Be Okay (Not Not Fun Records 2010)


   From behind the thick veils of dry icy and smog filter under the strobe lights that blinds you after the displaying of colors in magic and gloom; comes out Umberto's music creeping in as he brings eerie towards your hearing sense after hypnotizing you awhile for the released to Prophecy of The Black Widow opener song - Temple Room that starting the journey into sound-blending for Contemporary Electro-Synthesizing of Horror-Goth soundtrack blueprints with heavy influences from either Argento's to Carpenter's seventies works as actually, masterminded by Matt Hill: the one guy brilliant project you need to listening to as well. Trembling as you step further downward the spiral tones of instrumental music works eccentrically made of Los Angeles-based Goth-Electro Horror influenced music maker.
   The non-fun at all soundtrack titles off song-lists on the album such as The Psychic, Red Dawn, Black Candles or Night Stalking surely, can affected thus psychopathic creatures whom loved to coming out at certain quite hours and snatch their victims from the dark.

... Listen in medium level volume with your eyes closed

Prophecy of The Black Widow: