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Attractions God (Bandcamp 2015)


   Coming bursting from the deepest hell-hole of desired disgusting dirty feelings and ideas of actions from the Phoenix, AR one man Grind-Gory music project calling himself Anusburger; creatively sounded like the terrible raw mixed between GG Allin and Cannibal Holocaust movie influences as this savagery brutal sounds that must raping reporter girl like Emmanuelle and other sluts wives via Grinding-Gore guttural actions where the vocal chords sounded like a dying frog tortured in the middle of vivisection surgery as this album of porno-grind related and lusty psychopathic elements redux on Island of Horrors probably – would then being used by a group of maniacs while raiding your house with your lovely wife on it when you went somewhere.
   The brutality violence and stupid moves humor really couldn’t covering the very essential evil lurking around the subjective terror songs such as Reefer Madness, Nekromantik, I Eat Your Skin, Phantasm and Human Flesh Burger in Paradise – mixing up within the chaos collisions of seductive samples and horrific acts being completely shovels up the anal by the giant rotten dick figure as the processions of man being eaten alive, primitive mutilations or sexual tortures go on in this free reality realm of Anusburger. 

Island of Horrors: