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Dis Ease Suicidal (Bandcamp 2016)


   Consisting of Neil Geldenbass (bass, vocals), Wim Gato (drums and percussions), Pieter Reyneke (vocals, guitars) and Conley Annadale (vocals, guitars) from Middleburg – Pretoria (or Johannesburg) as they’re an ultimate power rockers whose presenting the celibate owning talent and likes for mostly US Punk-Rock and Punk-Pop scene such as NOFX, The Flatliners and sometimes older odd musician like Johnny Lee Hooker influencing them tight as the affliction for doing the semi-chaotic music combinations of fast or Skankin’ Punk-Rocks or Polka-Core with Afrikaans traditional atmospheric musical background as Monday Morning Justice asking to themselves and the audiences on an issue of It Takes Who to be an African … or Rinse  Glimpse Repeat (a symbolizing of Pop culture laziness mock) as well as Molotov Politics and Calling in Psych! Onto the blaster statement of All Men Die Alone. Within twelve superb rock releasing songs on this recording – We Paid For This Firepool; accidently would be a good album to spend while you bore for doing homework or in case of there’s a spreading hate speech on the net and mostly people are talking about it – best for the real Punk-Rocker you (type of version) for just cranking the record as loud as you can and sing along or scream along but no need to crying fake tears for this faking world because all you need to do is opening your mind and mind your own business; help each other or cracking the secret codes to force UN to sending food-stamps more earlier for refugees everywhere and let Kim Jong Un pressing his nuclear button – sending thus warheads to creeps whom deserve it or something positive with less casualties ideas or (wait) and stop ! 

Just listen to more learning points from this Indie Melodic Punk Rock band because they’re sounded fresh and clever. 

We Paid For This Firepool:

Condor Revelers (Bandcamp 2012)


   The go ahead and straight Punk Rock melodic that’s not only for exactly for just those skaters and street riders non-manipulated music that really piercing your ears within their crash-control of being not easily beaten up by the commercial realm media or police’s regime club to protesting on something rather important than just whining out about how the world today turning to a shit-hole within their courageous blending of melodic solos and power-raging riffs and chords fits for crowd-surfing, pogo-dancing, mosh-pit bashing and head-banging  with nothing but be yourself and if you’re right don’t fear anything would be a good opening phrase to starting the Punk-Rock semi-violent shows and the star would be Across The Justice as the rest being regularly fixed or not – nobody fucking cares only let the band cranking up the volume, the stereo system and the masses shall follow. Consisting of Pablo/Frankie (drums), Lalo and Javis on guitars and vocals to Alfred (vocals, bass guitar) combining their strength force that could slamming the crowd-control’s police army, burnt the entire special forces’ armed vehicles or just spreading more smart messages about things that really happening in the world today as it is not after covered up by the false corporate media that will knowing thm later as the four horsemen of the Punk Melodic savior from Mexico DF.

   The rest not for the wicked and you might need to play this tracks out of the album from them – Changing Attitudes as thus rocking out louder music from songs of Self Destructor, Respect, Dawn, Same Direction or Stay Where You Are can be some of your favorites of a new third world country’s next steps to the future past along chaos and higher learning …


Glimmering Says (Self-Released 2012)


   The side project from Los Angeles that sounding like a second honeymoon from the couple of Alternative Pop rockers Sean and Juliette Beavan with their friend Jon Nicholson forming 8mm (band) as before the world of Alternative Metal music scene knew Sean Beavan from his producing and co-workings with some of the most infamous and dangerous group to be considered coming to this world as an anti-christ but the media and the people whom hating them failed to stopping names like Nine Inch Nails or Marilyn Manson for growing bigger and powerful with militant fanatic fans surroundings the smaller conservative minds trying to ban them from making crazy shit metallic music. Now Sean included his woman Juliette as the duo crafted their own force combinations of both Rock Music and love to be evolved into something specials and within that then, we got this presentation of Between The Devil and Two Black Hearts which exotically, mixing the experts of Alternative and Hard Rock onto thus female vocals sensuality and more Electronic sensual beats to Country beats and Gothic ballads or Pop Avant-Garde signaling that 8mm not trying to just be another passer-by  as the tender and mid-tempo Modern Rock with Midwestern tailed effects might still sounded stronger with this album. Hearing songs like Around The Sun, Kin, You Brought The Fire or The One shall making you slowly realizing that sometimes you can’t make it on your own; you need your partners and she’s beautifully blonde and hot as the harmony vocals and thus type of samplings mixed will reminding us about how would it be if Garbage decided to have Natasha Bedingfield  and Jack White having affairs in a back of a rent car crossing the border of Mexico.

Between The Devil and Two Black Hearts: 

Cross One Fly (Grrr Records 2006)


Musicians and pastor for his smaller community of Christians as well as the Bluesman singer and guitarist but decide to giving his whole life to serving god while his past record-tracks was a successful one having all of them in one or two more rows together within his build-up band forming and also led by Glenn Kaiser: a Chicago-based Resurrection band starting as twelve, more than twelve and absolute shaping their ways releasing plenty good records especially those Christians Bluesy Rock and soulful music as well as then Glenn Kaiser went solo artist as well to driving out the boredom and stagnant with one of the moments of approval for himself praising lord and sharing his own ideas about lyrics and compositions arrangements taken from many experiences that Glenn got during his life-time and careers with The USA Traveling Team or further backwards to his old childhood days. Saving many people in needed might be not too damn easy to do but seems like through his accurate and curing music of Bluesy Folk Rock that sounding deliberates cleverly fits for redemption; Bound for Glory may becoming a good simple and easy listening album for older people, house wives or workers on a remote place to some school kids with their teachers and bumps waiting for miracles on through the cross firing harder muscle efforts onto This Train, Since I Laid My Burdens Down, God’s Not Dead (which is questioning the questionable) to the ballad of Softly and Tenderly or All Hail The Power with the closing of Doxology.

Sometimes you got to have faith even fate saying different things about it.

Bound For Glory:

Mine Her Make (Southpaw Records 2011)


   Terribly sounding similar like a cryogenic Rock N’ Roll groovy band from the early seventies being melted down and playing shows again as a non-partly project of rock that grabbing Pop-tunes generally, attached to their oldie melodious music which sounded like even played by the antique instruments taken out off the time machine as well as the recording session back to the past peak performances after Summer of drugs with Cheap Perfume and a god looking Brunette girl ready to get rocky rollas escaping the principal’s radar for then having cheap quickie sex on the back of your car after the party as the soundtracks for this special occasion featuring Chris Gee, Matthew Melton and Omar Hernandez from Bare Wires taking us upon the cool agendas of a teenage puberty tours over a night via Sweet Little Stranger, Back on The Road, Television Girls or Dirt Beach.
Don't Ever Change ...

Cheap Perfume:

Heat Of The Summer (Rise Above Records 2016)


   Adrian Hawkins, Colin Standring, Rick Parnell and Rod Roach forming the group of Psychedelic/Garage Rock – Horse; having thus total influences from the lethal ingredients portfolio acid blasts or locust wonderland’s  imaginaries through the releasing of For Twisted Minds Only as the songs like See The People Creeping Round to Freedom Rider, Lost Control or To Greet The Sun or Gypsy Queen to Winchester Town/Dream Turn to Ashes as well as the popular stoned solos and melodies with the back grounding rhythmic drums and bass-lines and the vocalist screaming as he’s under the influence of heavy addiction on heroin.

   If you loved originality and the seventies Groovy-Rock or Flower Generations legacy – then, this recording is for you.

For Twisted Minds Only:

Yanastinatas (Hells Headbangers 2013)


   Either you can calling some of them as the real members of this Detroit, Michigan's bewildering team of Punk-chaotic, motor-erotic with uncompromising evil spells of their infested roots under the influences between Black Metal and Thrash; Shitfucker that might consisting of whether Styx Chizzler, Bruce Wallbillich, Daemonbitch, Tony Kaos or Shagrat might be sounded just like a mad angry disposal cement-eaters that pissed to the world with their fast slicing riffs and tempos, the mighty underground solos or the blasting music beats that shall creating panic among the realm of normal Metal community instantly. The pleasure of being non-fucking care about almost anything has made these Speed-Metallers and their only releasing of Suck Cocks In Hell as the proclamations about how to be free-thinker people when you got surroundings by bigots and fucker-fakes society and all you need to do is wrote down more Extreme Satanic hatred music and turn it up louder on the smoking speakers and see if they're can kill. The oral assaults through the recording with ten tracks that sounded like they're had been writing by Lemmy himself and Motorhead with some more edgier shapes added by the next followers specials for the considerations of angry bikers or evil worshipers where ever you are.
   Graveyard Revels, Sex Dungeon, Acid bath and Satantisanity or I Am The Devil and Rock N' Roll Freaky Dude had tells us all about them.

Suck Cocks in Hell:

L'Arbre Derniere (Bandcamp 2015)


   Salmo don't wanted to swim around no more cause the water is now contaminated with junks, trashes and antibiotics material which kills; Salmo needs to releasing its feelings using the form of humans and starting a band - an Alternative Rock group to be exact and Kaos O Labo (Piece of Wood) will be the proof for these minor players whose remaining as lesser-known people having the grungy or Experimental kinds of musical format that sounded weird, rocking and artistically, not commercials for the millennium nowadays-media picks. Within Gregory Compagnon (guitars, bass and chants) to Kevin Gouthard (drums) and Olivier Guyomar (guitars, chants) with the special invitations on the saxophonist Jean-Phillipe Ramos or Eric Boros (guitar baritone, electric instruments) coloring this Avant-Garde Indie Rock experiments or Post-Rock apparatus that will making you and other listeners feeling a much embarrassed for making the water dirtier for Salmo but because of that this album actually, released and without our stupidity - there'll be no chance we can hearing these tracks like L'Intermede, L'Irlandais, Boreal or La Crue; might looks like a combination between Kurt Cobain's melodramatic shape-shifting of Grungy big brass group trio with Carlos Santana helps.

  Making sense that our pollutant water world had spawning more deliberations form of good music which started from our own mistakes as the revenge that grabbing our children comes from the semi-humanoid creature with a trout's head ...

Kaos O Labo:

Hanging Bodies 1904 (Varese Sarabande 2004)


   The spin-off installment from two famous merchandises of our terrible monster's creature features on this Sci-Fi Horror and adventure movie Alien vs. Predator (AVP) which might be disappointed for many Aliens Movies fanatic fans for not seeing Ripley whom replacing by a new character whose smarter played by Sanaa Lathan as an archeoligist, linguistic expert, guide and mercenaries girl named Alexa Woods hired by the multi-milliuner industrialist of Wayland corporations Charles Bishop to fly with his own-picked team of experts for his company to Antarctica where scientists had discovered a huge temple from a very old civilization buried deeper under the frozen ice as at the same time - a gigantic space-craft carrying troops of Predator creatures also targeting the same point and soon landed on the planet Earth again. As the team arrived; they mysteriously found that there's a big hole of tunnel already drilling to the temple place where it belongs deep while some of the team-mate entering the ancient place one of them mistakenly activate the cryogenic for the Aliens breeding queen to comes alive and started lying eggs. From the pictographs on every walls surrounding Alexa, Charles and the rst of the team sooner reveals the old history about the time begins as the ancient civilizations got their first extra-terrestrial visitors then re-called as gods the predators came and breeding the xeno-alien beings using the human hosts sacrificial for the ferocious creatures to spawning rapidly then being hunted by the predators. As this "lab facility prison" temple ended up as a total failure for the aliens race dominating the predator gods as humanity almost at the brink of the extinction stage because of this - the predators decided to devastate the place with a huge explosive bang but leaving some underground parts preserved for centuries. The next story would be a deranged horror panorama where the aliens killing most of the experts team leaving some survivors including Alexa Woods whom then luckily, had a chance of teming up with one of the predator being for destroying the last part of that temple before the aliens reaching the surface with the instrumental tracks composed by Harald Kloser tearing down our normal feelings for thus suspend, eerie, fearful and scary scenery of the movie itself for Down The Tunnel, Southern Light, The Pyramid, Dark World to Weyland's End or Showdown which terribly made this related installment worthy to watch.
   As the endings wouldn't really surprising but also shocking which Alexa finally coming out the hole, hand in hand successfully, killing the gigantic queen of aliens with the predator that then died. Awarded by other predator creatures for her bravery and left save unharmed; the audience only waited a bit longer to see how a new breed of aliens baby bursting out the chest of a dead predator inside their spaceship and the rest is continued not concluded ...

Alien vs. Predator soundtrack:


White Water Rafting (Cooking Vinyl 2006)


   After her horrific accident with her family killed them instead, the expert cave explorer and rock climber Sarah found herself in the middle of almost acute delirium feelings of guilt in a hospital until some of her good friends visiting her and given comforts as one year from then - she again found herself now trying to reclaiming her life back from mourning season with couples of her friends and new people in a group as they went somewhere to Appalachian Mountain for doing "splunking" means entering the cave, exploring its smaller course inside the ground and underwater if possible led by the quarreling customs expert women such as Rebecca, Sam, Holly and Sarah's friends Juno and Beth - all six of them going into the darker deep of the giant cave-hole entrance as the exploration begins. The Descent might be a good Horror Adventure movie that claims the low visual effects but with very good scene of showing the audiences about how tough these woman really are at first as the plot and scenery builds while the intense effects and immediate danger lurking within of how difficult the deep cave explorations really supposed to be. Then the nightmare comes as the six women continues to going further deeper into the heart of the seemingly endless area that spreads for miles with the appearance of those strange nocturnal humanoid-like creatures following them or attracted to their fleshy odors as the highest tension breaks when thus ferocious scary and flesh-eating creatures attacking them in instant; scatters the women even though some did fight a bit but mostly ended up dead with open bleeding wounds and scars as the left-overs survivors needs to helping each other through the coming true nightmarish experiences they've never encounter before. The soundtrack composed and recorded by David Julyan and Demonic Death Judge truly caught the aesthetic feelings of the scared audiences as well as our female explorers escaping the Crawlers Family of the dark lost cave while friends leaving others to die or some killing their friends accidently but the most terrifying things remain must be the flesh-eaters chasing the last of them while the women must used every experiences they had to get out ended up with only one survivor - Sarah as she found out that her new friend Holly kills her old best friend which then she had her retaliation back in the end but only to be unfortunately, unconscious only to finding her still trap inside the cave alone as the suspend creepy instrumental music soundtrack like Into The Cavern, The Tunnel Collapse, Sarah finds Beth to The Lair and The Crawlers Attack. The teachings message that preparing is the best decision before starts a journey especially for a one way ticket.

The Descent Original Film Soundtrack:

Elderberry Lavender (Whiterock Records 2010)


   Originated from Gummersbach - Deutschland as the group used to playing their Folk Metal roots sound but then later adding more Symphonic and Gothic metallic influences for them to evolved quite wider and as for the fans of all thus type of musical arrangements can listening or delivering them to the more and more huge chains of audiences around and outside Western Europe territory. Meet Lyriel as the band consisting of keyboardist martin Ahmann, Jon Laukamp (violin), Sven Engelmann (bass), drummer Daniel de Beer, Linda Laukamp on cello and backing vocals, Oliver Thierjung on guitars and lead vocalist Jessica Thierjung releasing album after album for soon rediscovers by one through this third recording entitled Paranoid Circus that brings many ensemble melodic for the glory of Symphonic or Gothic Metal but didn't really throwing out the band's old beliefs off Celts' Folk-Rock musical forms which sounded enriching the best essential of European Pagan anthems - suitable for the modern world's ears opened up for Lyriel.
   Hear those powerful smooth and slower beats and clarity vocals harmony within The Regret, Welcome, The Feather in The Wind to Lullaby or Foeman's Bride exactly getting you the fanatic fans closer to the heavenly chosen music for the ultimate of one concludes many band names this decade for championing the great amusement needs harking in herald for another savior voice and awesome symphonic elements for helping the Folk and Heavy Metal and the Pagan World to entering the new Aquarius Age of the latest Millennium.

Paranoid Circus:

Sweet Param Pam (MediaPro Records 2011)


   If you really loved the clubber and dance and drinks with friends living the dreamy life on the floor of clubs until late night til the morning light; you might know about the beauty Romanian female Rn'B/Pop-Techno/EDM singer born Alexandra Ioana Stan or known as just Alexandra Stan whom used to singing in a karaoke bar before found by producer Marcel Prodan and Andrei Nemirschi then later on expose her and polishing this girl's natural attractive looks to be more than just that Europop or Euro House music for the fanatic Pop Culture consumption. The releasing of Alexandra Stan's debut Saxobeats is not only flashing her the new kinds of glamour lifestyle and hit single on music charts but more than that the world of Electronic Dance Music and the general Pop-sounds scene now needs to excepting her appearance that comes like a meteorite which fast and accelerating as the music that made for her really fits the colorful and sensual for everyone to entirely surrendered to Ms. Stan type of sexual-tinged music as more men would slowly nervous by her yummy and attractive looks soon. Mr. Saxobeat the opening hit to Show Me The Way or Ting Ting and Crazy is sensational followed by more tracks that will making you want to dance harder and letting the clubbing heat infects the rest through Get Back (ASAP) to 1.000.000 as well as the remixes version for this album. Don't listen to her sexy voice or more sexier body moving flawlessly and intimately - hypnotizing you to not stop dancing; adoring her everything.


Floater Slowly (Dope Noir 2001)


   Klaus Waldeck or known more as the public figure in the Vienna’s Electro-Dance/Synthwave music scene as Waldeck coming back and remarkably – thrown out this classic format of Slow-Techno or Electro-Pop mixing with the World Music through The Night Garden project where except the glimpse of a sensual red lips of a girl; one within the audiences would simply got the echoing influences coming from the likes of old and contemporary of Early Industrial Music that closer itself within Pop sense and New Age flicks – glimmering the sparkles form of Down-Tempo sounds and slower beats refers to the mastermind himself. Female voices whom tolerates the exotic points within the Dub-soft penetrating really gives thus tracks like Tears Running Dry, Fallen Angel, I Talk to The Wind and Cat People Dub seems to be recovering the wider connections between humanity and natural blessings; leaving anyone think again about the way we can mend it and clearly, restores the bond.

The Night Garden:

Atilla Souls (Alone Records 2017)


   Consisting of Shawn Boucher on vocals/lyrics, Jack “Lynx” Lincourt (guitars, keys, vocals), Keith Kryzynski (guitars, backing vocals) the bassist John Miker and drummer/backing vocals Christian Guepy of the group Shadowlynx; as for the likes on Metallica, Iron Maiden, Hammerfall and King Diamond perhaps, ready to attack with their hot molten Speed Metal sounds faster in medium standard beats as there’s nothing too special about their music.
   The album cover of Forged As One actually, reminds more fans of Lords of The Ring or any Tolkien folklore story books giving the plus point for the band from Cambridge to expanding their breath and slowly compromising their music onto the more mainstream world but never did change the themes of their songs (mostly). 
   The Last Straw, Hailfyre, the Black Crusade and We Are Legend truly might becoming the trademark for the group to not making blunder for choosing their extensive sounds in general that sounded different like the mixing well of King Diamond fronting Judas Priest or Hammerfall having Kirk Hammett on their line-up as the Heavy Metal glaring loud through this recording. 

The dark crusader of Mordor and Angmar might staring at you as you staring at him too for the Forged As One stings this time. 

Forged As One links:

Hit Plastic Vitamin (Pissfart Records 2015)


   Don’t think about The Beatles while hearing the introduction licks from the Melbourne, Australia’s Garage Punk-Pop and Classic Rock N’ Roll music busted blasting in medium explosive smaller than a hand grenade but still can taking your guts out if get too damn closer. Drunk Mums wasn’t a bunch of hootie moms forming a band but the real guys in cheap jacket and dirty denims playing the music of simplicity as fucking loud as they can and the results for this at one point turning to be a record of Gone Troppo; a very strange Aussie names for kinds of collage pictures of domestic animals weirdy enough for the new sailors to get themselves shocked or surprised the first time arriving there.

   From Down Under within the cool looking Emu, Crocodile and Poison Frog comes the Punk-Rock nihilistic themes expanding from the late 77’s to today; bringing back the riot distorted staging dives and broken bones or burning tongue or something worse but cruely fun like Iggy Pop said. 

   We got the parade of songs to puking to on Bad Condition, Pretty Shitty, Nanganator, A-Gain or Girls on Their Side; there’s worst thing coming from these rockers and it will make you barfing hard like sewer. 

Gone Troppo:

Rookie Axis (Bandcamp 2014)


   From Barcelona with the Alternative Rock that sounded really fresh not some kind of depressive music that would making you bored; opening by the jangling tracks like 79 on Flames as the lead singer Eli Molina with the rest of the band members: Manu Herrero, Ruben Martinez and Alfonso Mendez brought this Indie Rock supplement sounds for the world to recognizing Spain Modern Rock scene more intense and often cause not many bands coming from there turned out to getting famous worldwide. Maybe things will change with the luck process from Fighter Pillow self-titled recording that really sounded awesome and catchy in every way their performs it. Sweet crunchy female vocalist, good music with simple taste of themes recording here like Eternal Youth, Eyebrow, Lemonade to Rancorous and Polars definitely should tempting more audience’s attentions especially, if the group manage to spreading the album distributions and playing more to different places to promote their talented Alternative Pop-Rock grand design of melodic sounds and sophomore songs.

Fighter Pillow:

Cut Down Shoot Oil (Bandcamp 2017)


   Processing the lay-out crossing the blends of shining decibel over Garage Bluesy and Psychedelic Groovy Rock with Funk Swampy Stoner and Dirty melodic sarcasm from the 70’s Melbourne’s non-commercial trio of Roger Denman (vocals, guitars), Nat Sutphin (bass guitars) and Brooke Maloney (drums/percussions) ringing them bells towards the serving format of how rootsy Hard Rock already reigns the outback panorama of the unique Down Under views leaving most of the head-bangers loving to watch these Southbound Snake Charmers releasing this recreations of these perfect blown up beats and special gunner’s background music for the infamous shoot-out or brutal take-over off the local gold-mining among the traditional greedy descendents within the reactions for told surroundings the Rhythm N’ Rust crazy various voodoo blues tempos via Heart of Corruption, Longest Night, Get to You or Don’t Speak Too Soon.

Rhythm N' Rust:

Luna Nova (Not On Label 2015)


   Two pieces of Rock n’Roll or Garage Indie music outfit hailing from Seattle, Washington – The Grizzled Mighty which consisting of Ryan Granger (vocals, guitars) and Faustine Hudson (drums) seems to be unsigned band but the empowered spirits and led rhythmic standard tempos under the imaginative compounding tones or releasing of their good recording on distructive laden of ashes erotic riffs and trembling surface of spewed volcanoes eruption as agents of evil bringer on Indie Rock simplicity gone stale and infectious like a poisoned fungus waiting to be touched by any of thus unlucky people or animals passing through the forest floor.
   Closed Knuckle Jaw returning the little hints of fuzzy glamour clappers over the old spiritual reflections left behind by the legacy of The Band and any 70’s Bluesy Rock troops to the nineties turdy infamous militant anti-establishment army of Grungers hiding in the sewer of biggest city underground water system; waiting for the victims to be snatched easy like the street-cat named Chantael or something. 
   Finer Things won’t spoiled or lasts forever – just learn about them through For The Sake of it All, Marble Mouth and Long Way Home to Fukushima ! 

Closed Knuckle Jaw:  

Maria Cries Lizard (Bandcamp 2012)


   Form the likes on Islands, Roilo Kiley, The Rolling Stones, dead and dying things to radio shack mics, the twilight zone or miscellaneous variety of garage or bedroom recordings and The Smiths all in general mixed activities; the group of three from Santa Rosa, CA named Mystery Invention whom always saying that they're coming from the fifth dimension and loved the philosophy of music as one hundred percents of Fuzz Music experiments probably - just trying not too exaggerate the group which consisting of Dominic Agius, Sara Davis and Spencer Hays are the creative trio whose inspiring themselves for wrote more good songs within the balance for both Indie Rock, Pop-Alternative and Folk-Grunge in the simple distortions comes in softer magic; spreading happy feelings, Rock N' Roll presentation and creepy melodies to you via the self-titled album of their own.
   The eccentric romance through Katrina or Happy Vampire Song that dragging the essential parts of why young people choose this kinds of music to ruling a decade as the reason to find in short. Bitter/Sweet as the opener or Comin' Down from Love which completed with the background scratch sample and more elegant harmony built by the trio may lasted a bit longer than just only a memory tribute for the late member of Mystery Invention's Mr. Agius whose leaving his band and the listeners too soon (1988 - 2011).

Mystery Invention:

Little Bridge Crown (Independent 2016)


   The striking of Heavy Metal Norway in a Classic standard mode from the quartet of Pal Edvin Aanensen (bass, vocals), Harald Sagedal (drums), Jarle Christiansen (guitars) and Erik Jacobsen (guitars, vocals) blaring like lightnings after the hard rain blazing their mid-tempo shredding, drum-beats crazy but not too extreme for oldie to listening to them or the younger audiences telling themselves that these aged rockers still sounding powerful. The releasing of this very long long time debut studio album since their own demo tape back in the late eighties until now - presenting by the foursome Vampire band with Evil Return; not flawless mistakes but also just like the second rated off King Diamonds' heavy groundbreaking music to be compared but again, not too damn bad to listening in the midst of the dead night cause tracks like Tormented, Bloodrush, A Terrible Rage or Constant Fear might would giving your parents a heart-attack time when this recording played a little bit louder from your room upstairs.

Parents beware of these oldie Vampire bites rocking tunes in the night poisoning your children to be permanently possessed !

Evil Return:

The Majesty (Sun God Records 2016)


   Living all your life to see the light of The Sun in a different way while listening to music that would giving you a form of imaginary that didn't faded easily - as the group whose performing them is also the first religion faith fits for yourself; go on and don't hesitate by not trying to join the remarkable sonic Folk/Grunge/Indie/Alternative music products by the Psychedelic Garage Rock group named The People Love's Cult whose regardless for being non-profit music maker gave their talents on composing songs or lyrics only to finding the exact points where atmosphere and sounds can connected perfectly as the perfection leads to harmony and the band might already going to the right directions by collecting more disciples, fan-followers or just new audiences towards their related music releases. These creepy album The Obelisk must be the new one delivering in reality as a call for recognition on how this musical project can reaching out as far as they could to most accessible paths to those in needs or lost in their search looking for something precious but fails. The consistency between gloomy Indie Rock, Psychedelic, Industrial or Ambient sounds here on the album can be easily ignored but also distracting those whom having six sense or strong intuitions for having more than just listening to the first song of invitation in Last Chance to Join The Revolution or My Man Jim which perhaps, created as an anthem to the famous dead people on the other side; as well as Cosmic Highway Blues - a non-relevant composition that seems to then, somewhere might opening the slumber gate of door-like to another dimensions where there's only a one way journey with no returning ticket back available for one.

Strange music for Strange occasion of West Palm Beach - Florida ...

The Obelisk:

Rebellion (Big Pharma Records 2017)


   Totally broken and NOT an album that you wanted to listening cause this isn't even a music at all if you might describing the real definitions of how a music supposed to be. Welcome to the violent, absurd and ambiguous realm of Noise sounds where tones are really matters anymore cause everything is going back to zero again as all your knowledge, information or important elements in life gone out vanished leaving only this terrible static distortions of molesting creations without any senses - floating in front of you, destroying your hearings slow and there's nothing you can decoded from this type of presentations as like Shadowpiercer didn't care too damn much about your opinion as well. The Harsh Noise products made by the member named Dakota Snaketail as you only knew few thing about this project of anti-artistic music in normal living consumes; Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one of the newest efforts from this sub-genre of sound destroyer community hailing their talents for creating the other side of dark dimension music or noise mix that might possibly opening the gate to unknown places or invoking something mankind never seeing before. Of Colorado Spring, CO - these Nietzsche or Zarahustra influenced ideas over the first track called Beginning started those elimination countdown for thus whom dare to taking risk for this record playing on their gadgets as ended up within Eternal as nobody survived the deadly noise waves.
Three tracks recorded here already enough to make the listeners and dogs going madly insane !

Puella Magi Madoka Magica:

Cocksucker Invictus Soul (Metropolis 2013)


   What else did you expecting from an Australian trio whose performing their likes over the ambiguity sound blending on Experimental Techno, Industrial, Ambient to the more established tones of Funk or Country music with the licensed concepts linking closer to Marxist ideas thanks to (or not) for David Thrussell whom kissing and cuddling those irrelevant noise making and composed music for the group - Snog; that also being formed by him with his school friends Tim McGrath and Julia Bourke (as well as Peter Bourke) and the music flowing out of their speakers to your stereo system might sounded a little bit commercial mixing of New Wave, Disco-Rock and Synth-Pop and the proof lies on one of the band's releasing number twelve in a row of their discography: Babes in Consumerland. Like it is made creatively as the protesters for how our modern world today is already turning into a freaking hooker whom slipped into a deep hole of sinful hell by having sex with everyone that can paying her service but also some more only to satisfied her excessive hyper-sexual needs as we the people keeps on buying things and more and more but never we felt enough ever. The monotonous beats and noise samples mixed and composed here with some rocking riffs of guitars or small explosions of drum-beats really crashing in thus tracks like Adolph's Library, The Plug-In Drug, The Corporate Homoerotic Cyclist, Bleak is My Favorite Chic to Apocalypse Fatigue - sending all the messages of noisy Industrial-Rock to your heads and blow them up from the inside so the world might witnessing how broken yours really are !

Babes In Consumerland:

New Shampoo (Metropolis 2013)


   Infusing thus elements of New Wave, Heavy Metal, Disco, Garage Rock, Punk or Electronic for the modern efforts by the six-piece odd rockers or musicians whom representing their beloved Motor City speeding ahead trademark of Detroit, Michigan - meet the Electric Six consisting of various creative-heads assembling themselves into a group and writing songs or collaborates within each other that non-personal interests really matters here as them build and then releasing several good albums like this one of the ninth recording studio project on Mustang. As the sexy woman's booty displayed on the front cover wearing stockings with holes on some parts of it, one shall realizing about how crazy the music inside it would become already. Blasting the elements of various musical groovy beats or distorted guitars to the mid-tempo bashing and electro-shocking sensually, inviting everyone to move on and forgetting the rest - just like the best prom night party ever held with these awesome tracks that crashing the surroundings as the melodies and heavy rocks towards your hearing senses. Get on and down or jump like a maniac crazy people for the track-listing of Show Me What Your Lights Mean, Cranial Games, Jessica Dressed Like A Dragon, late Night Obama Food or Miss Peaches Wear An Iron Dress would showing that Mike Alonso, John Nash, Dave Malosh, Christopher Tait, Keith Thompson or Tyler Spencer are the names of those motherfuckers as the creators for making this madness parade of music variety possible !


Edo Meridiem (Siesta 1999)

Originally sets off forming by Bid, Alice Healey and Zarif for this Pop-Contemporary with Chamber or Renaissance commercialism influences critically, sounding better when Scarlet’s Well created, writing their own songs to composed them and recording it via the debut studio album of Strange Letters in the late end of days of nineteen ninety ninth and the audiences might have their interests grow for the first try on this record; the harmony vocals and the good assembly musical played by a bunch of band members in big numbers: Sian Chaffer (keyboards/vocals), Deb Van Der Gaugten (bass), Helena Johnson (violin, mandolin), Peter Momtchillof (guitars), Jennifer Denitto (drums/vocals) with Alice Hayley and Bid (of The Monochrome Set) creating their sound older than they used to be sounding  now but still the effects of psychedelic or Modern New Age attempts really would and gladly could forcing you to liking them again and again – these Scarlet’s Well. 

Song of fortune and misleads of life-story background through the lovely sweetening tracks of Miss Twinkle’s been on Holiday again, The Water-Shrew Shuffle and What’s Mr. Pinkwig Favourite ? romantically tries to flashing-back our memory about faraway rural areas, natural outdoors or 10.000 Maniacs from the early nineties Alternative Folk-Rock era and definitely, some of these really works fine …

Strange Letters: