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Western Front Vegetation (Island Records 1991)


   Meet the songs of honest in writings and the British singer, musicians, composer and concept-maker in his own original controversies follows or shading him along his non-precious career after the demise of his previous Indie Rock band and forcing Julian David Cope to re-incarnates into something soloist and concluding his own power-self mind and ideas as the expressions from himself not only for his home-country side of Wales but the rest of UK and wider as the infamous influences of him slowly spreading and cannot be rejected by some parts of Indie Rock and Alternative Rock accessing areas. Many records had been releasing by him but one of the early nineties of conceptual recording scoring good critics even so the selling didn't quite promising is Peggy Suicide; climbing up higher as the number of 23 on UK Albums Chart. Additional musicians whose helping to make this album possible to made are Michael "Moon Eye" Watts on electric guitars, Ron Fair on piano, Mark "Rooster" Crosby (drums) and Ronnie Ross the saxophonist or the Donald Ross Skinner (bass) and G.M Butterworth (moog synthesizers) glue-ing the puzzled themes over four phases of it which includes tracks of artistic Folk, Pop, Electronic or Soulful beats like Pristeen, East Easy Rider, Drive She Said, Leperskin to The American Life or more as they're all sounded like the resurrections of Andy Warhol's The Factory ghost chants for the tribal-ism trends off the catwalk energy of The Stooges' non-lethal commercialism village show coming out your stereo !

Peggy Suicide: