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Victoria's Jaws Secret (Fabric/Sub Soldiers 2009)


   The music director and Dubstep performer from West London known to the global clubbing circuit society as Caspa but born as Gary McCann with his big appearance and skinhead haircut as well as the distinctive between sensuality and aggro beats almost semi-violent echoes through his remixes which usually filled with dirty lyrics or themes but mostly would sounded closer to the eighties music or possessive numb-Dance which tied up an Electro influences to the wall of World Music and instrumental medium Techno beats surrounding our hearing senses once you play his records on.
   By the debut recording release from Caspa – Everybody’s Talking Nobody’s Listening Caspa didn’t just using his non-popular Dubstep’s touches to making his audiences little bit more confusing that also featuring the Selecter’s front-man spoken word or just being sounded far far away from the ordinary pact of how people would think about Dubstep in general right after this sub-genre Techno-Rock music becomes a huge new star towards the rising existence of Dance Music and Electronic through the barricades of New Millennium gate. 
   Feel the strange aeons that built to avoid any critical media even when most of them trying to give this album a very bad reviews or negative judge for the first time. Low Blow, The Takeover, Marmite, Riot Powder, Lon-Don City or Back to ’93 could be your guidance onto the original (probably) boring and monotonous form of real Dubstep made of West London. 

Don’t worry much cause this DJ knows how to keep on surprising you guys …  

Everybody's Talking Nobody's Listening: