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Vera Cruz Exposed (Varese Sarabande 1998)


   Returning of the black comedy to a teenage-flicks genre movie is the end of the nineties that you might loved - Jawbreaker story about how friendships can easily turning to fatal death caused by prank jokes and the starring casts of hot girls like Rebecca Gayheart, Rose McGowan and Julie Benz will giving you that moment for swallowing your own saliva on some scenery on this movie. The death of Liz the school prom queen by her own female friends chocking her on force using the big jawbreaker candy as they're putting her inside the trunk just for surprising moment for her birthday ended up real bad. So, even after the funeral held - no one knows who killed their beloved Prom Queen as the exact time the female group of Marcie and Courtney decoded to ejects Julie and electing new member this time - the school weirdo girl Fern Mayo whose totally changed to a brand new school idol named Vylette. Together the group continues their times as the famous trio at Reagan High until the time that Julie intended to open the real facts of the murder case that Courtney eventually covering things up by making alibis about how Liz died after being raped by a stranger as Jawbreaker movie proceeding its modern MTV Pop-culture basic themes surrounding teenagers life at that time and thankfully, the music score composed by Stephen Endelman fits really tight to the scenes when the movie starts to the conclusion truth at the end of next Prom Night as the instrumental tracks like The Plot, School Walkway and Graduation to Young At Heart with a vocals from Connie Petruk reveals the painful facts that Courtney is evil and the friendships between her and Liz is never sincere but a competition and that's why everyone's hating her since that as things thrown on her along the way out and officially, ended up well to the other wicked souls as this Jawbreaker movie and Original Motion Picture Score really are about Black Comedy and sarcasm in a soft mixed form.