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Turbulent Exit Wound (Music For Nations 1996)


   Emerging at the almost exact similar times as Type O Negative getting their fame exploded but craving different sides of Heavy Metal music to wrestled causing the lack of this Brooklyn Thrashcore/Alternative Metal with the little bit guitar distorted sounds borrowed from Kenny Hickey of TON with more edgier Hardcore and Heavy Metal provided pretty well and slower toned that could cracking your ears or skulls after several hour diets for listening to them. Calling themselves Pist.On in the weirder kinds of way and consisting as a quartet consisting of Henry Font (lead vocals, rhythm guitars), Paul Poulos (lead guitar), Danny Jam Kavadlo (drums, percussions, gambling problems) and the band's dark-haired hot female member Val-lum (bass, backing vocals, sarcasm) did their own products of heavier crushing metallic tempo and alternated themes taken or influenced by the raising of Seattle Sound and more Extreme Metal elegance movements in the midst of the ninety six era even though some listeners might easily capturing the essential basic atmosphere when we listening to anything coming out from Peter Steele's and co. catalogs session minus of course, Peter's distinctive low-vibrant vocals replacing totally here by the more high-screamer pitches made for Pist.On band's sake only. Number One must be the most wanted album from this band to be collectible by any metal-heads whom keeps on searching for this rare album that hits the record store with lesser notes from the semi-underground and mainstream magazines and Heavy Metal media. Solutions might becoming the concrete forms created here by the quartet concerning the liking or needs from the metal music floor but never caught by within the tied demanding from the masses whom at that time really being hypnotized by the power of spontaneous riffs and Punk-tinged attitudes led by Nirvana or other Seattle Alt.Rock heroes. Now, this is the time for Eight Sided, I'm Afraid of Life, Mix Me with Blood and Shoplifters of The World Unite to cranking your stereo system cause it's never too damn late to try and loving the destructive messages mixed with Electra Complex and Parole for the taste of the molded Smashing Pumpkins.

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Number One: