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Trophy Wife (Bandcamp 2016)


   Either you would considering to be familiar with the East Coast Hardcore music scene on this new millennium as like as a Grunge recordings or simply pure form of Post-Punk with the carries out of Helmet’s power-raging tools Hardcore-tinged by the New York newer generation of rockers trio naming themselves – Never; as you shall meeting them in flesh and short tracks on this extended play album Cloudy.
   Consisting of Leanne Butkovic, Scott Fitzpatrick and Chris Marchini perhaps, might sounded fair enough to creating this kinds of distorted fully charging heavy music with standard tempos and little less feedback or artificial noises backing up the phase. Joining the mosh-pit of Soft-core Pop and released your worries for the world to take while letting your hearing sucked the essence lyrics and themed from how a girl named Saline watching the Slow Sun as the Muzzle noise rock combating the terrible judging public for keeping the privacy died and make everything for public in greed. 
   Never wanted to stop themselves playing music not from the heart and objectively farther from public interest.