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Treacherous Benediction (Independent 2015)


   Pesaro, Marche - Italy; opened the full studio album release from these fine Symphonic Power Metal with Death/Folk/Speed infiltrates touch on Nightland's Obsession record - as it highlighted the formation of the band's line-up performing their Heavy Metal arts pretty well and hard as the screaming vocalist Ludovico Cioffi also playing rhythm guitar, drummer Filippo Cicoria, Brendan Paolini on bass guitar and lead guitarist Filippo Scrima bursting the cursed obsess of the late ancient Roman Empire's heritage and histories through the great melodious combinations between Heavt Metal extremity and the harmony back-up vocals that truly sounded epic and glorious. The essential main concept that borrowed from either Manowar or other Prog-Metal in symphonic coalition made a collision that cracking the balance and the border of modernity and ancient time-line as one might gladly - felt hardened attach onto this band's sounds of atmosphere. The Death/Dark Metal eruptions and the melodious character of Folkish/Pagan/Neo-Classical Rock are here to stay permanent onto the sub-genre of this heavy music form. Obsession contains of Dreamless Life, Alpha et Omega, Cradle of Sufferance, Icarus and Quod Vita Celat Mors Revelat; sharpening the edges of your true sounds of Heavy Metal presence ...