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The Sunset Shot (Anti Records 2011)


   Gore Verbinski really got his touches on making an adventure movie to be exacted and exciting to watch not to mentioning some of his works but also in Rango - the animated story about a pet chameleon fell from his owner's car after an attempt of almost a horrible accident on the speeding highway driving crossing the desert around Nevada. The green chameleon soon being stranded into an animal inhabited town named Dirt; meet the sour female iguana Beans or the little cactus mouse or a big Chihuahuan raven and the rest of the townships led by the old tortoise major John. Rango go his name from a place called Durango soon turning to hero after kills the ferocious desert eagle on accident trying to help all the desperate townies finding their water supply which being robbed by someone leaving the rest of them tortures by thirst. The fun comedy movie with a very bright high definitive productions thanks to Dreamworks for making Rango moving as a character from being spoiled to bravery - fighting the crazy mole miners and the mobbing gang led by the giant and mean rattlesnake called Jake shall be funnier caused by the awesome Music from The Motion Picture and Soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer concluded the mission riding across the hot desert did by Rango and the gang or the others occasional silly moments to the more serious one through Ricky Garcia's Welcome Amigo, Lard's Forkboy, Los Lobos with Walk Don't Rango and El Canelo (traditional) to the small romantic scenes and the air raiding by bats squad would be fantastic.

Don't waste your time not to watching this with your kids - today !