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The Guardian (Relapse Records 2016)


   Maybe the media might classified this band from Philly, PA as a Heavy Metal group but you need to hear them yourself on this full self-titled album Sumerlands as the band might not playing pure Hard Rock but also the bag of Goth-Rock added as ingredients by them; John Powers (guitars), Justin DeTore (drums), Arthur Rizk (guitar, synths) and Phil Swanson (vocals) really sounded in their performing just like a short reminder of a combinations between the eighties’ Goth-Rock and the nineties Hard-Rock and Pop Metal in a very unusual way – creating these powerful slow beats and gloomy atmosphere under the magnificent lead solos and retro vocals through the track-listing such as Timelash, Spiral Infinite, The Seventh Seal or Blind.

Either anyone will be excessively exciting or Haunted Forever !