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Thank You, Stars (Dramatico 2005)


   A beautiful female guitar player born as a Georgian-British singer, song-writer and music composer whom moved to Northern Ireland then to England to permanently living and doing her career of music especially, on Jazz and Blues as her dreams mostly come true as Ketevan Melua or known later as Katie Melua slowly stepping her two feet onto the music realm and recording sessions producing more albums and providing you her most talented performance just like on this second studio full album from her - Piece By Piece; the elegance record that sounded like she would giving her all out up in one round - not in a very terrible way but at the most gently appearance as her gorgeous voice and fingers playing the licks and riffs on thus acoustic/semi-electric six strings guitar and you might not blinking cause you had been caught by her hypnotizing eyes by glance or melodic taste blending from the slow-tuned dimension of harmony vocals and Pop-tinged Jazzy Blues or Folk songs like Nine Million Bicycles, Halfway Up The Hindu Kush, Blues in The Night to Spider's Web or Blue Shoes that written by Katie herself, Mike Batt (the producer) to more cover of classic songs from The Cure or The Beatles only for your purposes on being contemporary entertained as relaxing ...

Piece By Piece: