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Sweet Sweet Freezer (Moderncine 2013)


   Fresh and really rocking like an Alternative low-budget recording for every single sexy girls both living or dead fictionally today as the names of performers on this soundtrack of All Cheerleaders Die movie is a teenage-flick remake from the lower budget movie with the same title. Newer bands like A Giant Dog cranking their song Teasin’ Ass Bitch, Dueling Lugers’ Electro-Pop teaser of Sucka for My Suga to the romantic ballad Selena by Shay Astar and John Wesley Coleman III’s Saturday Night really touching the reality aspects on this teen Horror-Comedy film starring the line-up of beautiful girls – Caitlin Stasey, Sianoa Smith-McPhee, Brooke Butler among others; letting the revenge, the magic spells, the hungry blood-suckers and the sequel endings of the story around Maddy Killian witnessing her best friend’s tragic death while doing the cheerleading exhibitions at school turning to open the old secret about the cheating boyfriend, lesbian crushes and embracing kisses based on the point of views from the cheerleader’s community as recaptures on Mads Heldtberg’s song Cheerleader Love or the Hip Hop Electroshocks on F Yeah which explicitly performs by Sean Spillane and E. David Blaque lending us the arousing sedative atmosphere that you will get when being surrounded by hot cheerleaders hopefully, still humans !

OST All Cheerleaders Die: