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Sweat Pottery Widow (Milan Records 1996)


   As Los Angeles being totally separated from the US mainland caused of the giant earthquake's hitting the West Coast of US territory and even before that disasterous event - the city of angels already becoming a ill-reputed place full of crimes and violence with most of the gangs slowly taken over the parts of it piece by piece with suppressing force of firearms and huge armies of angry mobs led by the infamous Cuervo Jones. This ex-Shining Path revolution member manage to seducing the US President's daughter Utopia to stealing the secret hi-tech weaponry called The Sword of Damocles; a superb satellite system that effective for shutting down the entire technology, electricity, machineries and even batteries out of human's hands and sending every single of us back to the dark ages or year zero again. With timing is clearly not helping the governments to taking back the remote control system - the President and his cabinets sending the infamous bad-ass criminal named Snake Plissken by trick him by injecting the deadly virus onto his body and giving him several hours to finish the mission to get the briefcase and the remote back with or without the president's daughter or being killed by the virus infection. As the time ticking faster - we would seeing the plenty actions and violent scenes from the second movies of John Carpenter's Escape from L.A as well as the very awesome soundtrack as Plissken got the helps he needs from the weird shemale gangster queen named Hersche for releasing the kidnapped Utopia and the briefcase with a remote control system inside it from the wicked Che Guevara look alike gang leader Cuervo. Surfing the tsunami ravine to flying through the ruins of Los Angeles to fighting the Korean crooks or wins against time fro the basketball's of death arena must becoming some of the new experiences for you to comparing with the rocking soundtracks that blasts like eruption or just sounded creepy loud presented by the names like gravity Kills, Sugar Ray or Ministry to White Zombie; you all going to headbanging as you watched how Snake Plissken's finally saves the day back by doing a great decision to shut down the entire world wide under the code of 666; as the cranking tracks from Stabbing Westward's Dawn, Clutch's Escape from the Prison planet, CIV with Et tu brute ? to Sexpod's Foot on The gas or Deftones' Can't Even Breath dragging the audience to finish the mission in a bigger surprise concluded solution ...

Escape From L.A Soundtrack: