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Suurin (Banshee Records 2015)


   Medieval ancient times brought back to the first lights of the day in the new millennium by the Celtic-Pagan and New Age believers society as the right moments for spreading blessings is here and more and more ignorant earth dwellers just keep exploiting Mother Nature without limit; hurting most of the creatures on land and underground, in the watery liquid world or the spiritual realm as well as the true children of Earth whom reconsiders to helping their mother with everything they got. As for Kati Ran or known here as L.E.A.F (stands for Lark Elk and Fable) as the female Scandinavian singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist musician; her talents would be great to prevailing for served by the wisdom lyrics and Folkish traditional music in performance to the more attached to her Nordic heritage but can easily accepted by any of Pagan, Old Ways and other Celtic New Age lovers or followers because her music is such a beautiful gift to presented for the sacred curing to Mother's Earth wounds caused by men. Just like an ancient ensemble ballads that chants the healing spells or the story-telling about the Folklore and the history of the past medieval times towards the new world citizens whom never heard or forgetting already about thus subjects hopefully, shall be remembered again and in time of the healing hour - helping each other and Mother Earth to getting well again. The magical and the mystique views or touches will circling us when this recording Lys plays; the rituals and the poetic of kati Ran's gorgeous contemplation vocals as it combining within the traditional concept led by the musical instruments from the old days such as nyckleharpa, hammered dulcimer, kraviklyra or kantele, skindrums or glass and bells - performed by the blonde beauty herself and some additional players in recording sessions, leaving everyone breathless under the Shamanic vocals from L.E.A.F singing Nymanen, Flamme, Fylgja or Vinda