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Suction Riddim (Organic Music 2005)


   Grew up with lots of interests for visual arts than music in San Francisco, Lorin Ashton a.k.a Bassnectar becoming one of the famous international Disc Jockey later then as he performs his awesome acts through such interesting music festivals like Bonaroo, Coachella to Lollapalooza and Wakarusa as the musical influences for him isn’t just coming from the Dance/Electronic based sounds but also Rock and Heavy Metal such as Nirvana, Metallica and Dave Mustaine. Bassnectar’s third full album which also considered as one of his best works – Mesmerizing The Ultra must be an almost perfect recording ranged its musical sounds from Breakbeat, Downtempo, Traditional Dance, Future-Electro and perhaps, Rock to the World Music like Bhangra or Pop-Celts.
   Within the fast growing fans and audiences as well as the variety of creative artworks on its cover; this album turned out to be a non-mainstream record that did not reaches any Dance charts elsewhere but as one can listen to – totally, fueled with mostly, great instrumental compositions and the eighteen tracks inside would gladly becoming the trademarks for himself as Bassnectar or other nick-names and other remixes made by Lorin into two distinctive discs. 
   We got Leprechaun Arise, Blow, Inaugural Day Beatdown, Parade Into Centuries or Interpret and Agent Squish tightly intact to the search for answers through the maximizing blends of programming and samples mixes.

Mesmerizing The Ultra: