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Stardrift Endgame (Bandcamp 2016)


New retro-futuristic Synthesizer Pop from Budapest, Hungary ultimately would not to asking you to dance but just about then, gives the chilling effects that contains inside its followed-up seb-genre mixing between video-droning games arcades to the eighties New Wave electronics music for the Nightcrawler album by the conceptor and programmer calling himslef Lazerpunk! He will gave you the full effects of the bike-riding through the future streets where the speed is limitless and the obstacle can easily be destroyed by the sound-effects of his music beating like a shotgun on the wrecking superb anticipated blending of Robotic-Rock sounds, modern Break-Dance grooves and morbid tales from the dark-side of the gaming world or the realm in general. From Level One to Worldeater, Radio Towers to Virtual Reality and those addictions among spaces and the nearby future in all its parts may relativity shown on this album. Lazerpunk! isn't your regular music programmer, Lazerpunk! made this Nightcrawler for his own pleasure based on your needing demands for Industrial illuminating beats, silly stuff, traumatic rebellion culture and strange electro-music for the other side of the wall where buildings are being built and alive and more violent purposes hiding behind the familiar technology leads us to the destruction !