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Star Dancing Romp (Super Tracks Music Group 1995)


   Being lost in 1978 after fell into a ravine and knock himself out at the age of 12 years old; David Scott Freeman woke up again almost nine years later on 1986; finding his way home but everything seems to changed a lot - his parents are so old and his brother Jeff turning 16 that time while David stays in his former age of 12 as a child as in related to his missing mysteries NASA has monitors an alien spaceship that crash only to examines that the relations within David mind's images scan test on the hospital where he took after being discovered back home. Being captive inside the NASA compound for more tests; David manage to communicates with the automatic drone pilot or Max from the spaceship using telepathy brain connections and making bonds with the robotic commander main computer to make David its navigator as they're flown away and escaped the facility out. The great Science Fiction Movie suitable for kids on Flight Of The Navigator really can opening your minds for more facts and information reliable within the alienated activities that happening for many years on Earth and experienced by many just like the one good time of the blending eerie, confused, amazed and suspend mixed in one particular special effects and good Original Soundtrack Recording fro this movie composed by Alan Silvestri as it showing the advance technologies, the powerful speeding light manouvers of the alien craft and the friendships between David and one of thus Puckmaren a small creature-like being from another galaxies as the adventures for escaping the government agents brought them to moving places in a very high speed flying movements over the blue skies or down diving under water. Concluded as the tracks like The Ship Beckons to "Have to Help a Friend" and The Shadow Universe; clearly showing the classical modern synth-Pop ambient music suitable well for telling us the last hopeful idea from David to make everything's back like it used to be by asking Max the robotic pilot to send him back to 1978 right before the celebration of the Fourth of July as then, he woke up again in the ravine and going home safely as he watches the fireworks in the night sky with the glimpse of Max auto-piloting itself flashed out and way - out from this world.

Flight of the Navigator: